Goodluck Jonathan Muhammadu Buhari

Till today no official results of presidential elections. People have started withdrawing cash from banks and stocking up on fuel and food. The government has put 8am-5pm curfew in some places. We know the script.
Goodluck will be president and Buhari PM

The BOKO HARAM terrorists made voting impossible in parts of Nigeria. The election isn’t credible by any standards. I hope there won’t be civil war.

No …that wuld be really bad for Nigeria incase of Civil war

Meanwhile the oil is still being pumped and the revenues unaccounted for. Go figure


I think the places where Boko Haram made voting impossible are considered as Buhari (APC) strongholds. So GEJ should be happy with Boko haram raids during election but I think he aint coz he’s losing

Tulia kura zihesabiwe buana. Didn’t I see fellows voting in Abuja yesterday?

this is africa, Same Script, Different Cast

Kwani results za digitized elections take how long to come out?

Did their election cost 30 billion like the Kenyan one? We all knew it was many times over the budget and our suspicions were vindicated. However this is Kenya and jail is only for the pickpocketers of abiria and not pickpocketers of the central bank

It is sad. A country with so much resources cannot even refine its own fuel, secure its citizens and supply power.

I was shocked to hear that electricity is a very big campaign issue!

Nigerian hackers hacked the site and said they are monitoring it

Nigeria is a case study on ‘How Not to Lead a Country.’ Jonathan is a weak leader I hope they give Buhari a chance.

The only for mwafrika ni dictatorship…vichwa vigumu sana dawa tu iron rule lakini

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Don’t be. At least they’re campaigning on serious (economic) issues.

Ok…this is how I read this heading…you were wishing Jonathan Muhammadu Buhari the best of success in something…

Pun accepted

Did u know tht the nigerian naira is weaker than Ksh na wana mafuta. 1ksh = 2 naira…kwahivyo 100ksh = 200 naira , 1000ksh = 2000 nairs and so on n so forth…alafu tudem twetu tuna fall 4 dis idiots…shud be the other way round

The exchange rate is not a pointer to a currency’s strength.For instance, we cannot say that the Tanzanian shilling is weaker simply because you get about 20 TZSHS for 1 KSHS.Why, a sweet that costs 1 KSHS in Kenya will cost 20 TZSHS in Tanzania.

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Using your reasoning, what if the Kenyan economy strengthens and the price of the sweet is reduced to 50cents. Does it mean that the price innTZ will reduce by half?