Goodluck Jonathan lost? Did insecurity do him in?

Buhari claims election victory as per Yahoo news. I bet it’s insecurity.
I hope president Kenyatta is paying attention.

I guess stori za Boko Haram zimemchosha the nigga wanted to loose, otherwise like Mugabe once said, “How do you loose an election that you have organized?”


Most African presidents are out to enrich themselves when they have amassed enough they lose that “election”.

usisahau that Muslims didn’t feel good when a christian was appointed when Yar Adua’s term was abruptly cut short

Ukweli ni kwamba Nigeria hakuna amani

Jonathan is the first nigerian president to loose an election while in office

Kazi ya president is to serve and PROTECT.

He hasn’t lost. Don’t peddle rumours as facts.

Have a look:

My bad. I withdraw the statement.

Jonathan’s incompetence did him in. What made me sad was when he gave a lot of attention to the Charlie Hebdo attack yet in his own country Boko Haram had massacred thousands yet this problem was not getting the attention it deserved.

Not Nigerian. African.

And it’s lose not loose… For example, 1# He has a loose tongue not a lose tongue… 2# You will lose the bet not loose the bet.
Thank you.

Check your facts. There have been regime changes through the ballot before in other countries e’g Zambia.

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Ni chinda ya copy-paste without verifying. Had read that somewhere.