Goodhope alumni

Anyone with contacts[ATTACH=full]364281[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]364282[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]364283[/ATTACH]

Kumbaf !!!

Learn how to attach pictures first before you wiggle your dirty ass here

SMH… kutoka 2017 hujaskia kueka picha

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Wtf picha ndiyo hiyo any clue modaphukas

“wiggle your dirty ass” Chiefguest 2021

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Isn’t @jackyie a female name?

He’s a fcuking homo maybe

Enda Club Vip ako huko nowdays

Sijamcheki huko unless we ask @Lou Tenant

Keep my name out of ur mouth you pieces of shit


Jana alikua

not bad. looks like am gonna google where this club VIP is.

I’ll pin you later,naelekea huko:D

thanks, hows it like? can I burst the nut in the premises, ama ni zile places you go and have to head out to hunt for a room?

Ukifika Club VIP pigia huyu Mkisii ako na Tako size yake. Dmages ni 1k


Phone: 0727762200

asante mkubwa. kisii women are fine. there is one I used to patronize along tomboya. iw as tiping her well, and small small till I started dry frying. dry fried twice and moved on.

Hapa ni sawa kabisa,nimemsample mara kadha tho

Nipe number ya huyu ya t.mboya i sample her as well