good tidings

wishing all villagers a fruit full week ahead. let’s all keep the Wanderi’s in our prayers. its never easy friends. its never easy. Good tidings you’all.

Without wanderi I couldn’t have known you guys,a place where one would ventilate his/her anger,share his / her exploits,ideas the list is endless,love you all listers oops talkers.

Na anazikwa wapi na when?

uliza hawa
@Supu don

@highschooler . Exact location will be communicated in due time.
@mabenda4 : my dear, you have no idea how difficult it has been. Death is too final…not even a chance to say goodbye!!!..but i believe it shall be well.

Thanx for the info @Supu don ,keep us updated.

@kindlady, though there be time to grieve, and any counsel against null, remember the happy life he lived and cerebrate his sojourn on this temporal grounds. its never timely to depart, but depart we all will. my condolences still, kind lady.