Good Sato

What sort of nonsense is this?

Good for you

Nkt! Kubaff

Very rare to come across such a hot kalenjin. Mecho swaffi.

Kwani wewe ni mmoja wa kukosa haga

Everyone wants to be a superstar.

Akanyal krik

I never realize that you like nonsense like this. I think this is why bado tuko nyuma while other nations are really developing, I dont know when will stop such things and begin to learn things tha will help us in future. I never expected such things from a highly learned person like you. As other nations are busy training their youths on various enterprices, we are busy entertaining our youths with memes.These are the factors that make us to lag behind as other nations prosper. According to me, I think this nation should be sold and everybody should be given his/her share, to go and buy land elsewhere.

@mbakuthesupreme unasumbua

I didnt know what you meant by saying a good Sato until I have checked the link that you sent us. I have realised that you have said nonesense of the highest order. You have even wasted my time for watching such things on my Pc. I dont know if I will ever compansate the time that I have lost while participarting in watching such things. If you can compensate me, the better because I feel I haves lost a number of things just by watching such nonsense. sometimes inafaa, tukuwe serious with the kind of things that we post in the media. This is because they tell exactly who you are and what you think.