Good news to shoppers

Villagers,it has been my secret for a long time but i would love to share it.
If you want or are buying anything abroad check this wesbite and thank me

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Weka period badala ya comma buda.

Sawa noted chali mtall n corrected by moderator.

Sasa andika website badala ya wesite.

Hahaha give the guy a break.


ati “good sex press”

They want to ship me a ring and they even don’t ask about the size I want ??

Looks good have to check it via ma machine I usually dnt trust what I see kwa simu…

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The good thing with this site you don’t pay anything till what you have ordered has been delivered to you.

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I had smoked some herb couldn’t see clearly.

Ingia kwa search and type what you want

Its upon you to choose what you want.the web is very clear.

Good,Every thing you see there is available buda.I have bought several electronics from them.

How does that work?

Well,by opening an account with the required details.
Place your orders and they will keep in touch with you.
Its very simple.

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Waaaaahhhh, but the stuff therein are too expensive…Ok…!!! I’ve just checked on clothes and Shoes…

I think its great. Do they have offices around where you go pick item. Also story ya customs ni aje.

Those of you complaining. I think this is the cheapest shipping method yet. Madova, ebu answer story ya clearance duties kama umewatumia. I’m about to hit the order button.

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@madovo where art thou ??

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[SIZE=5]How it Works[/SIZE]
You can find what you want, browsing items by category or searching by keyword. You can further filter the list of results by category, brand, price, etc. until you find what you want.

When you select the product you want, you can view it’s details such as images, description, reviews, ordering options and more. If you have questions about a product, you may either ask them or find answers on the Questions & Answers section of the product.

After choosing which price, shipping cost and delivery time options best meet your needs, you can then add to your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout and enter your payment and shipping information. You can have your items sent directly to an address or to one of our secure pick up kiosks.

Goods Express keeps you updated on your order status throughout the process, confirming when your order has been placed, processed, shipped and delivered. Your delivery will either arrive at your shipping address or will be ready for pick-up at the location you specified.