good news,good news good those who understands githungu

just another day like yesterday and whats app made my day better…WE HAVE A DESKTOP VERSION…but to get it you have to perform some miracles like those that were performed in canna of Galilee…hii kijiji imejaa gurus ,pliz use english ,kiswahili or gikuyu

Miracles gani?? :confused:

i have tried to perform the miracle since morning without any success…someone help

Angalia hii iliwekwa na kapishii.

@highschooler …bana,saidia,i downloaded Google chrome, after that i got qr reader…after that???

From what i’m reading, this is not good news at all…
Mistake one - it only works on a single browser.
[SIZE=5]Mistake two - it requires the current WhatsApp client for Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone
[SIZE=5]Mistake three - It doesn’t work if your phone is not connected to the internet.

Hahahahaha eti whatsfap

@wonderful wonder sijajaribu bado mimi nilikua natumia bluestacks… Uliza avicii

Don’t throw in your bluestacks yet,for some reason it won’t work on older versions of chrome especially on linux.Kwangu imegonga ukuta. :mad:

@highschooler …bana,saidia,i downloaded Google chrome, after that i got qr reader…after that???

Their is a thread in Technology section…enda apo utapata usaidizi

haki sielewi…i got ggogle chrome and qr scanner…then???

wewe umeambiwa uende hio listing iko technology section…

---->to use it first update to the latest whatsapp version . next open . go to options on your latest whatsapp then select whatsapp web. scan the qr code on displayed on your pc n boom it will bring up the whatsapp- in short direct yr phone mbele ya PC

I tried it,it just gives me a qr code to scan and then nothing happens

wekeni bluestacks… hii ni upus…

Got to this thread…