Finally got HEADfrom a fat univeristy girl eeii felt good as hell… Honestly it WAS WORTH SPENDING that 1k on that mouth .#college hoes are the best

Humbwer nv

i wont stop getting head yoh… I drive my car daily picking up random girls and tricking them into pleasing me … So ka hauna pesa tulia

Pitia apa kwanza bladifaqen

Yuck! Nvchieth ghasia takataka

Only in KTalk do men brag about paying for poosie

He is paying for mouth not


All power to you @Sloppy head

Aren’t you the man who spent 1.5M Kshs on River Road prostitutes

Enough of this nonsense, you and the likes of @tall mnyama everywhere, @Jimit are pussfied men, why would you keep bringing this up on each and every post this fella makes, muna behave tu kama wanawake, you even go further shaking your asses saying “hatuwezi sahau”. All of you are emasculated to the core

It’s called banter, son. If you can’t understand that then you are the pussified man.

:D:D:D yeah G! hoes are ment to be submissive to us

Better have a bitch sucking ur dick good… …:D:DDude shit feels like the whole country belongs to you. Thats why i love that shit!

@Sloppy head you need to get your “head” checked, cause it’s truly sloppy

Chap, you telling me you don’t understand where we are?? Ama unabehave ivi juu ulipatikana ukiupload fake pics?? Last time I checked you were th4 pussified man.

Wakanesa niaje…I heard you were caught uploading fake pics…How about that?
Unataka kupikiwa muthokoi ama?

No, kipii jimit ndio misinterpreted, sadly his IQ is so low once sth registers in his mind it cannot be undone even if you present him with facts

Wtf :D:D… I called my name sloppyhead… Cause i love getting sloppy head from girls yoh stop tripping

Bots-R-Us. Admin are you asleep