Good Guys

Kidogokodogo some busy- body afungue thread “texting women is a homosexual ritual!!!”

:D:D Na haujataja mtu :slight_smile:


Na leo hajafika hapa kijijini

Wacha kiko njiani kinakuja

Good morning @GeorginaMakena

:smiley: :smiley: niliitwa troll nikakula block.

Aisee :D:D:D

Goodmorning Shoga zanguni

This is how idle men of nowadays are.Wanaume wengine wakisaka ganji nyinyi muko hapa asubuhi na mpema nyef nyefing about some woman you’ve never met. Very useless. I was busy with my reach husband not knowing kuna some useless boys wamelala wakiota na mimi they woke up first thing to post about me. Bure kabisa. I think Im in the wrong place .This like a place for retards,low caliber,low IQ pple calling themselves men. Which man can engage in such stories in the morning. Mashoga zanguni its about time you got a life. This is the reason why you are poor and always complaining your date orders expensive meals, its because you’re here for moshene when serious men are out looking for monnie. Endeni muchpe kazi,me even if I never work another day in my life Im well taken of. I just work for leisure. So you can not compete with me.Nyinyi muko ligi ndogo

I have to say you’ve developed a thick skin lately. Resilient in heat of ridicule & criticism.

I mean you can just see the caliber of people criticizing you. Why get offended by failures,idlers ,perverts and retards? Why? Hizo ni kelele za chura. They can not hold a candle to me, so all they can do is hate.But nobody great hukosa haters. And haters are motivators to make you make more money, be more fab, be more vocal and get your damn PhD wengine hata degree iliwashinda so they come here to hate on people doing big tings. I mean what man wakes up in the morning to go gang up with other boys to pick a fight with a woman theyve never met. I mean really you can see these are just a bunch of pathetic frustrated boys who have no use for their time. Simple as that.And I wil just keep blocking them till am left with sane and mature people not some Mathare paupers who dont want to wake up in the morning to go work but feel jeolous wakiona Caro Mutoko ako na Porsche Cayenne. Wivu ndio inawamaliza. By the way mahaters am having a house warming party for my new house in Karen on 30th . Come see for yourselves what it is! And how people who work instead of hating the real contenders.

tafutia watu kazi wasave wajenge Karen pia…hahaha

Hiyo housewarming party better have some sour porridge where we drink from 1 pot via long winding straws…

Proponent wa matea bags ndiye huyu ,jana umelala kwa Onyango ama Anyago. Closet homo exposed.Ati teabags za icecubes na maji moto.sema tuu we ni shoga,you want to indoctrinate us in gay styles

unfortunately I’m so straight. I just happen to be an enemy of ignorance so I stay updated. BTW ulirecommendia mzee?

I recommend homosexuality??? Boss tafuta boyfriend elsewea.

haha…leo ni tarehe ngapi? ama wacha tu. siku njema

Kush mumeningoja kama mvua??? Haya weka nusu mkeka nije