Good Bye Trump Official Thread.

I care more about his exit than Biden’s rule. Now I can go back to tuning out 80% of American politics. Trump will not be missed by many. Not even those that “love” him.


wacha kukosea msito putin heshima…mende ya choo wewe…
fagia alafu uoshe vyombo hapo mcdonald…kisha uoshe choo na upige deki…schupid orangutan


huyu biden anasumbua na ii ushoga kibao


That’s fucking scary

Ferrrk this guy. He is reading what’s on teleprompter. Wacha watoe the prompter utaona his true mind .

I really can’t imagine how miserable he’s feeling right now. His ego must be beyond repair. He’s currently the most powerful man in the world; in just over 15 hours, he won’t even have a FB, YouTube or Twitter account lol! They should have him on suicide watch.

Great news! Another one of Trump’s insurrectionist was just arrested outside of her Beverly Hills home!


“Bisignano owns Gina’s Eyelashes And Skincare. Last week, Bisignano confirmed to the Beverly Hills Courier that she traveled to Washington, D.C., where she found herself among the mob who stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6.
In a cell phone video obtained by the Courier, a woman believed to be Bisignano holds a megaphone on a ledge of the Capitol and yells,
“Everybody, we need gas masks, we need weapons. We need strong, angry patriots to help our boys, they don’t want to leave. We need protection.””


Go fuxk Urself!


The funniest sentence in human history was just spoken on CNN: “Trump is worried about his legacy.”::D:D:D


Problem is huyu mzee atangangana to spread hii ushoga huku Africa. This thing ni kama religion to white liberals.

So if you’re transgender you’re a low class human.

Your words…


Mnataka niambie Trump tukikutana kwa corridor?

Go to Andrews AFB and give us a live update. I hear that the event has started, but he’s not arrived yet.
What a jerk! His plan is to rush and get to Florida before noon. Clinching to the presidential privileges until the last second.


This is a bit lame. He can’t force anyone. Can he? besides there is a huge gay following in that Kenya pre-Biden.

You remember Obama’s gay rights gospel during his visit to Kenya as POTUS in 2015.

The Biden administration will simply be a continuation of the Obama gay rights gospel throughout Africa.

Uhuru refused to hear any of it. Besides it is a personal choice. Else us who live out here where almost 5 out of 10 is either bisexual, lesbian or gay would also be gay. They have equal rights. And we let our young kids go to school with them.
So wacheni kuharibia Biden jana. America is a better place without Trump.