Good Budget Smartphone for 7-10k

Hey good people,

I’m looking for suggestions on a decent smartphone going for 7-10k.

My good friend, currently not working, lost his phone and has been struggling with a kabambe :(:(:(.

I wanna boost him end-month with a decent device, which, even though might not have the most awesome specs, it’s at least decent enough to push him until he’s back on his feet. At least a decent processor, RAM, ROM, Camera, screen… such. Brand doesn’t matter as long as it’s reliable and durable. Would also help if a talker has experience using one…

I need pointers coz nowadays I see so many brands and something is telling me not to disregard them simply coz I know jack about them.

cc @Soprano , @Deorro na wote wako na suggestions…

Thanks in advance!

He probably has more pressing needs than a decent phone. Mpatie hio 10k.

Anahitaji kuwa online. A kabambe in 2017 restricts you in so many ways.

Infinix has decent budget phones and it is an acceptable brand.
Siku hizi, Soprano regards a budget phone as as those ranging between 15K and 28K!
So kama ni ya complimentary purposes akina Tecno, Innjoo, Infinix, will do just fine!

Hello bro, i deal with various electronics including smart phones, i have sold to many Ktalkers here including @Fala 12 , @mr shairman , @Jimit , @Mkenya Halisi and many more.
I can get you a good phone from INFINIX, Tecno, Huawei, NOKIA LUMIA and any other that you may find favour with.
I can give u my personal number via inbox.
Talk to me bro am here

Tecno infinix territory there…

Is Innjoo reliable and durable? I’ve also seen X-Tigi…

Tafuta @Soprano akuletee Dogee Na Elephone

Eh! Same question, are they reliable?

reliability and cheap don’t go hand in hand.

I second you. The guy will appreciate the cash more.

And I have a feeling ni wewe unajitafutia simu and not your friend. Kusema tu!

the legendary Kenyan proverb - “asking for a friend”

On a serious note, I’m here to help somebody. Leteni suggestions if you have…

Hapo tu ni tecno ama infinix itakuokoa…
Ongea na @syndicate akusort

So any specific Tecno or Infinix models? Most pointers are in that direction…

The nigga wanna get laid.

You have a very dry sense of humour…

There’s a new INFINIX in the market called INFINIX SMART or also Tecno WX 3 LITE.
Just tell me where to deliver it or if we can hook up in tao(Nairobi)

Ongeza 2k uchukue Nokia 3 or xiaomi

Dont go for Xtigi, most of their phones are based on on different frequencies band from your local network booster, therefore chances of it not accesing 3G network in mashambani is high