Golf polo t-shirts

Where can I get high quality polo t-shirts.Bought Eastleigh ones hazijanibamba.My bugdet is 1500khs per polo

Jaribu LC Waikiki.

Kings Collection or search for GoPromo.

Most of izi polo shirts utapata other places in Nairobi originate from Eastleigh.Bear that in mind ukitafuta.

Waikiki hatoi Eastleigh

Bro, io bei haitoshi most of what is in the market is from China or Turkey… fika bei unede westage uchukue za lacoste. But I swear by Eastleigh…

I also gave up on Eastleigh. Try Sir Henrys ama Little Red hapo kimathi Street. Welcome

Decathlon kuna polo fiti ama kama uko na kakitu ingia woolmart.