Gold mining in Kenya

I was surprised to learn that the gold mines in Tanzania that are operated by Acacia PLC are very close to the kenyan border. Eg the North Mara gold mine TZ is just 13 km from the kenyan border, about 15km across the border from Ntimaru town Migori. The other mines are abit south and around 20km from Lake Victoria in TZ.

There is a very high chance that we could be sharing the same kind of geology ie the same kind of gold bearing rocks. Is there any gold mining in Migori?



Mingi sana.

Hukumbuki muchina akifukuzwa na bulldozer yake some years (or is it months?) back?

Yes there is. All the way feom Makalda to parts of Kehancha and Ntimaru. The sad thing is that its not structured hence not economically viable. Despite this some guys have really benefitted from it. Also on the western side in Kakamega they also do gold mining. Acacia used to be in Kakamega but left. This is may lay man’s observation

Gold iko but like Turkana oil, not enough to make an impact at a macroeconomic level

hujawahi skia abut migodi ya taita taveta

Yes man the entire region hadi Kakamega hata that Nandi-Nyando escarpment najua plenty of guys mining artisanal gold. There was this white Zimbabwean alikuja kutafuta a mine left by his ancestors around miwani

Gold mining in a Kenya was explored by geologists from the early 1900s. There’s documentation if you search. There is gold in those areas. But it’s very deep. So that limits production to subsistence levels because the margins are low.

We do. Yes.

Acacia has mines in Kenya as well

David May was his name.

Acacia sold the resource in Isulu in 2019

A mid size resource was discovered in Isulu in 2015 …1.1 million ounces grading at an average of 11 grams/tonne

Taita mainly has gemstones which are entirely different to precious metals, and base metals :rolleyes:

Google “Shanta Gold”. They bought of Acacia’s holding in Isulu :rolleyes:

I bet we got more gold in Kenya than TZ by far!
I believe we’re a distant 4th or sit at the 5th position after Ghana, Satafrica, Sudan and a few more productive countries.
When Rosterman mine in Khaega is generating 30 grams per ton, and Shitoli in Mukumu yields 80gms a ton in shallow artisanal mines, primitive sluicing and burning Mercury amalgams and still hitting that high, then do the math.

I used to see 100gms per ton in deep shaft mines in Western Aussie, bear in mind they are highly mechanized with wastage at a minimum

Read about supergene enrichment. It is natural for ore deposits to have a significant concentration close to surface due to deflation concentration… This simply implies that digging deeper doesn’t imply more and greater amounts of the same. Actually this has been proved to be the case at Rosterman & Shitoli vide a 500m diamond drill holes and extensive augering at Shitoli respectively …

The major reason mining goes deep shaft is coz of depleting the open pit resources, especially if the quartz veins or other indicators show that deep is the way to go. But I get your point, deeper isn’t always better, depending with the geology of every region.

Correct Bro… usually resources start as an open pit if it’s tenable and cost effectiveness followed by underground shafts