GOLD itauzwa wapi?

I come from a place where this precious metal is mined in small but viable quantities. A buddy who stays in shags has been buying and selling these metals but was conned when he came to Nairobbery to sell them. Is there a genuine guy out there who can help with genuine clients?
Inbox freebryant23 (at) gmail (dot) com

What if you are the conman…unajifanya utaconiwa kumbe wewe ndo conman mwenywe

Am just an ordinary ‘New villager’

Hii ni janja ya mjini inajifanya naive ruralite ndio i-con watu.

Endelea kusiaga vifuri za tri-circle ndugu.

Ukona trading license for this brare fecking conman?

Tapeli sugu hii

Go to Nagin Patni pale river road

Unauza pesa ngapi billionaire wajue? Andika hapa tu wajue.

peleka ile refinery iko Mombasa road.

Purity yake iko aje? Unauzaje?

Kama wewe si conman leta isli mbiombio

You do mean to say that you already mined the @introvert baldhead

how much is a gram ?

Purity …can’t be assessed without looked

what about when it’s 98% pure.

Let me ask my buddies in this business… Current price…Will be back with answer

wewe ni broker bado

Hii purity ni rare, kawaida ni 70-80

Mutu atranslate hii.