GOK:Oral HIV Home test kit Coming Soon

Rumour has it an oral hiv self testing kit will be available in public hospitals. Specifically will be issued to pregnant mothers to take home to there partner since some partners do not attend prenatal care.
A positive or negative result will still require further testing in a medical setting.

@gashwin @introvert good morning wazee

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Testing and cancelling go together.

On behalf of Team Mafisi, this is a welcome development and all members are encouraged to have them in their bedrooms, man caves and bachelor pads.


Good morning…hapa kunahitajika Tata na roller combi…


Say what now? So what exactly is being cancelled?


Eti nini?!!??

Window period?:confused:

What about pre-test counselling? Si watu watauwana kwa nyumba?

Whats the probability of passing on the infection during the window period?

As high as can possibly be. Window period doesn’t mean one is -ve, it’s all about sensitivity of Ab-based testing methods.

haiya, I thought window period viral load huwa low, learnt something new

Being low doesn’t mean it is not transmissible.

Don’t know. 90 days?
ION community dispensing of ARV will be rolled out. Western Kenya was the pilot phase and has proven to be successful. Stigma is still a challange in other regions.

Actually.doc I read somewhere in the first 3 months ndio mtu huwa very infectous as the virus replicates itself mbiombio to overcome the immune system

Makosa imefanyika. I accept. I meant counselling.

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Yeah. Anywhere from 12-16wks give or take.

Haukuskia sossion anataka results zote ziwe cancelled

Weee @kamnjoro wina wana ,kai wathomeire dirisha-ini

Villagers I once dryfried a Nurse and she subjected me to all manner of shenanigans you can imagine she had her own supply of VCT kit.

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