Going Wireless

Wadau Wadaku na Wakumbwa, is there a wireless gadget that can transmit audio and visual from say a home theatre system to TV and other connected devices? Kama umehang TV kwa wall na wire zinaonekana all over, is there a way to get rid of them, kama vile kuna Hometheatre zinatumia Bluetooth and do away with wires crisscrossing the floor

Get a technician to do proper wiring using proper trunking … that’s if you can’t do it your self


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Explain this to me please. What is it, is it just to connect the speakers and home theatre or more.

For 20K vile @spear amesema. Will it do away with ugly wires?

Technician to come connect my gadgets? How now

Nunua hometheatre wireless, smart tv and all will be well

Wacha nikuwekee link ya Youtube, atleast that will give you a detailed explanation.


But i got to know about the device from a very good UK youtuber, Techmoan. The way he explains his stuff in details…and if you’re a retro guy, thats the guy for you also. Cheki his version which looks kinda better…


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Asante. Bookmarked. Tutaongea this things after the elections. I need an upgrade.

tumia screen cast kama iko kwa simu yako

Watu wa kabambe tuketi wapi?