Going for an interview?

Now let me say that I rarely ever regret anything in life…I am far too blessed to do that…However I just remembered this occasion some years back when I was called for this dream job. I saw the advert on-line and I literally heard that advert call out to me and I knew that is my job…infact I was 80% confident that I will at-least secure a job interview.

Fast forward to two weeks later, I get a call and of-course to my expectation, I am invited for an interview…which I attend one week later. It entailed travelling across half of Africa…damn imagine a cheki maneno from all over Africa, wouldn’t that be something?

So the D-Day comes and I hepa job and rush to the interview, I am all alone…They had probably separated the interviewees or called them in different times so we dont meet. I am served tea and mandazis and the sheer magnitude of the office and the nice ladies walking around all smiling makes me want the job even more…

I go into the room and meet all the panellists, I make sure that I walk round the table and firmly give them a hand shake. I sit down and the look they all give me is telling what they are thinking, “This is our guy!”.

So they all barrage me with their questions and I answer them all, I even had a presentation and was waiting for them to just dare me I chomoa it. The interview goes well until they ask me this second last question, (Si mnajua the last one is usually how much you expect? Yea I also had a perfect response to that)

So the question comes, “What is your job title in your current job?”…WTF? I never saw that one coming, to compound things is that I never really had a proper job title, it kept on changing everyday depending on what it was that I was doing. So my head starts running thinking of the best title to give myself to justify the salary that I will ask for in that final question…

Hehe I wont tell you guys what I said, but apparently what I later came to find out is that title is usually given to guys with more than 10 yrs experience…

I walked out of the meeting and knew that that answer has probably cost me the job…damn!

The moral of this hekaya is to just tell you guys never to lie in a job interview…NEVER!

(Once I write, I write…I will not reread this so please accept any misspellings)


costed you your job? so you were “sucked” thereafter ama? maliza story na useme ni madaraka gani ulijipea!

I never did get the job :frowning:

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You shudda told us what title you gave yourself. It would have been more believable…

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Maliza tu story tafadhali.

si ungesema tu supervisor, director etc??

That’s the thing, I lied and was caught out. I called myself a “__________ specialist” and I am not a very good liar

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long time ago in the late 90s niliulizwa where do i see myself in 10 yrs and without blinking nikasema runing my own business, hapo pengine jijazie …

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hii ndio ubaya ya kuenda interview na Black Mamba. walidhani umekuja kutafuta job ya watchman


Ulijiita Cheki Maneno Specialist?o_O


Nilikuuliza swali ukalenga brother?

hehe, aren’t you one happy camper since you joined the village, I say!

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he he he, reminds me of my first interview at Equity bank fresh from collegem back in 2002. I never knew how tp prepare for interviews and then they asked me questions that i knew answers but wasn’t prepared for. Of course my memory evaporated and came back to me the moment I stepped out of the interview room.

what happened did you get the job??

sorry bro, i probably missed it bro, hebu uliza tena?


Alijiita Software Developer and Manager -Product specialist


How do you know,or were you in the panel?

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hahahahaha kwenda huko, #westside!