Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief


Watched it. Interesting documentary. But nothing much different from any other ‘religion’. I found Hubbards evolution as a liar and somewhat crazy bugger to be quite fascinating.

It was vastly different from other religion. Where most religions are a natural evolution of man trying to find an explanation for things they can’t understand, Scientology is really just some made up shit the guy pulled out of his own SCIENCE FICTION books. Hubbard specifically went out of his way to claim scientology was religious just to avoid paying income tax. But the bugger was completely psycho, i agree with you there.

But they aren’t. They already claim to have the answers. What is the difference between having aliens that planted ‘souls’ in people from the creation story?

Scientology never gives answers from what i gathered from the documentary. Nor does it dictate some moral code like the commandments or what-have-you in other religions. Its all about purging past sins at first. Although it does have a completely looney creation story , which i think most scientologists would prefer to ignore (not to say the bible story isnt proposterous).

I get where you’re coming from concerning the moral code.

What do you think about the purging of traumatic experiences from memory? Do you think it is meritorious to scientology?

Wapi! I think it serves two purposes; to get you to feel euphoric and free of any thing you feel guilty of (kinda like confession) and the other reason is to get you to chomoa all your secrets. Isnt that why they are speculating why travolta hasn’t left the church yet? he must have said some shit and they have it all on record so they are probably blakmailing him.

Imagine if the catholic priest or even your kawaida pastor decided to tell you that he will reveal all your secrets that you come to him for help with, unless you start putting 5k in the collection basket every sunday? a lot of guys would lose their shit!

Hehehe. I had forgotten the ransom part!!!

I think they’re on to something on the therapy though.