Gods love

If God so loved the world, why doesn’t he get rid of the devil? Why sacrifice his ‘only son’. The everyone lives happily ever after.

What’s your point? He hates us?


but remember, the Bible is written by MEN. (we have defined the higher being to suit our needs)

Maybe they created US and forgot about us and move to more superior beings

Sometimes I tend to think we just don’t know God, so what we call love is not His idea of love. To humans, love is beautiful and painless. But perhaps God sees everything as covered in a different, terrifying, abstract kind of love–the essence of existence itself, since nothing exists without His will, and an omnopotent God is not compelled to have in existence things he does not love. So even illness, war, natural calamities and death, and all the other things we fear and hate, are part of that love, or if you like, His mysterious will–because He allows them!
And since He has willed all things into existence, even dying is love to Him, because He holds the power of life, and by dying we are simply being gathered back to him in a different form. Maybe we only die to the world, but not to Him, because He is life, and he controls death.

Remember when adam obeyed lucifer and ate of the fruit? Something happened, Adam transfered His authority to satan , the authority God gave him to rule over the earth, thats why the new testament says that satan is the ‘god’ of this world, and you see all the disorder and suffering in this earth. So God could not destroy satan until Adam lease runs out, which is in the next few years, where he will be bound in chains. Jesus had to come and defeat satan, and took the keys of hell and death away from satan, and because of this, God gave Jesus all authority, the authority Jesus has is greater than the adamic authority satan has, thats why Christians who operate in this authority are able to cast out devils… There is alot more i have left out, but i encourage you to be born again, the holyspirit will reveal alot to you.

Okay but the creation story contained in the book of Genesis was written by Moses who was not even alive at the time. How he obtained that record of events is unclear. It is not a firsthand account of events despite the exact conversations given and is ,therefore, at best a hekaya, most probably passed down to Moses by his elders, no different from the stories of creation passed onto us by our grandparents.

Satan wanted to make himself Yahweh…To be like Yah…So the devil is just awaiting torment but will be destroyed after…Yah being all knowing and understanding the purpose why He created all things…knows best
Elohim created man in his own likeness with freedom of choice.But man out of his will to follow the devil corrupted the world and hence…and should be judged…but out of love and mercy Elohim provides his son to sacrifice Himself for the sake of mankind.

Okay, you have a keen mind sir.

I think the point of life is to live it with as much content as you can derive internally, also as far as the creator goes I think we ought not to be bold enough to monopolise him as a Christian God or Muslim Allah.
Rather, we should pursue an open ended description in the works of men.
Personally I wish people focused on the message rather than the politics at the time of Christ.

Thank you. I grapple with some of these issues, and sometimes I’m not even sure if I make sense.
I think you are where Solomon was when he wrote that all that man can do is eat, drink and make merry–and to honour God. How we do that–enter religions–is the issue. I share that view too. In fact I think that our very existence is itself an expression of God’s love. I’m at a point where I see all the realities of life and death that we hold dear— failure and triumph, war and peace, knowledge and ignorance–as no more than proof of God at play. By “play” I mean His way of self-amusement if you like–the things God loves to do with His universe.
But because we are so tiny in the universe, and unsure we would be safe in death, we naturally feel vulnerable and conscious of what we could lose, so we miss out on the great thing that life itself is!
If we can’t see death as an extension of the life we know, it can be very hard to see this whole “game” of life as love.

What God’s creates he doesn’t get rid of he simply places it under judgement

Oh so tiny, but volumes have been written trying to explain the great beyond. Religion too has dabbled in it, but I think it matters not how the great beyond looks because no one seems to have a grasp on the exact policies carried out therein.

My way is the acknowledgement of how little we know, how little control we exert on life.

As a guest, unatulia unaishi vile unaweza