God is good that "kenyantalk

i remember their was a time i used to come here just to get people to join my website…
i don’t do that crap anymore…
plus am not asking you to visit my site…
for your information my website has 5789 registered members in 3days plus my online members are 678.
don’t talk crap again

hahaha! ufala ni kipaji. yani umepewa lift na ktalk wataka kupiga honi.

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Nimeclick nikapata hii ipus

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Do you know how to read you illiterate son of a kunt

Mujamaa out of the 5789 members ma.robots ni ngapi

How long did it take you to register all those members? Only one thread posted by you 3 days ago… Pfffft…

Btw when were you here begging for recruits? As it is you only joined this village the other day


hahahahaha #kush

i like how he is the owner and admin of the site and has 1 friend out of 5789 “registered members”. :smiley:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…#nairobilay go to the blog page on my site

This is sadly hilarious…Investigation galore

You switched to Windows you bitch?