God is Angry

Why is God flexing his muscles? Why has he put aside his mercies?

We have become a blasphemous nation why the name of God holds no value.

We have Politicians with bloody hands and stinking mouths standing in our pulpits and alters to preach hate while the clergy men clap and cheer them on.

We have gospel artists have an insatiable desire for likes and views and have forgotten what they were called to do.

We have citizens looking to take advantage of fellow brethren in times of need. Money has become our new god and even the greatest command of love has become cold air.

We can wash our hands, social distance and sanitize all we want. But God is not done with us. If we cannot turn to God, the time has come for him to make us turn to him.


Wakaput, this early you should be giving the villagers a word of hope not condemnation.
[SIZE=3]Unless you are a fekking senile bish[/SIZE]

we have pastors/preachers who defile the pulpit by twisting the Word of God and use it to extort money from the congregant.
we have Christians living a double life. (in Christ and in the world)
Christians are more concerned with how big the church is, how expensive the chairs are, how big the offerings are instead of helping the needy.
Christians have turned churches into political places in regards to how they are run and nominations/appointments of leaders.

Sorry with all the bile you have so early in the day, I can’t offer you hope. Pambana na hali yako. Goodbye.

God doesn’t exist.

Churches have become businesses.
Preachers have become merchants.
The flock is being fleeced.
The flock is sheepishly naive.
The gospel is being sold for profit.
I quit church.

The scandalous behaviour of Judas does not invalidate the message of Jesus. Just like now. You did not enter the church because of any Pastor. Quitting because of a pastor is disingenuous. Sema tu you are having a crisis of faith and have questions that you want answered and have possibly failed to have them answered in a way that makes sense to you. The actions of others… Pastors… Flock… Etc have no bearing on your faith. My 2 cents

You are very true. I want answers but all I get everytime is insolence and arrogance.

What are the questions?

Those that I stated above

if your hand makes you sin, cut it off. it’s better…
if the pastors and church is making you sin, shouldn’t you cut it off?

How does the church make you sin? Nobody makes you sin. Sin is usually a choice. We may not always want to look at it that way but we are usually rather responsible for most aspects of our actions. And for those that we are not responsible then the Perfectly Just God we serve shall not hold us responsible. But 90% is us and our selfishness/lack of love.


You have stated various observations about pastors etc. Hakuna swali hapo.

if you go to a church that demands offerings in notes not coins, harambees right left and center, where one is given a contribution card or target.
if you cannot afford the cash from your earnings and you decide to take bribes or do illegal dealings to get more cash, isn’t it ok to leave the church?

and yes, we are responsible for actions and is leaving the church since it might force you to do illegal things the right choice here or you won’t be held responsible for this?

if you attend a church where the pastor insist at visiting you at your place and physically/inappropriately touches you in name of praying or removing demons, can you leave the church? (especially for women congregants)

Why is money the centre of interest in churches today?

Money is the center of interest in human hearts not churches. When money was not idolised by the general population/faithful any pastor preaching about material gain would be shunned. But because me and you starting craving money beyond all reason. Where we are now willing to do virtually anything to get it and keep it. Then it follows that even in church that is what will be taught. The population only want to hear of prosperity and wealth. Serving a rich God etc. Failing to see that in the new covenant the founder of this new way never had a kind thing to say about money. So they quote all manner of old testament scripture to justify this. But anyone reading the gospels(the undiluted ones as you like calling them) will note that Jesus attached virtually no importance to money. And in fact preached against hoarding wealth on earth and storing nothing in Heaven. Whatever you see in the church is rooted in the family. Because pastors come from families.

Let me ask you. When a road is being built what is more important? It’s cost ama what problem it shall alleviate? These days the cost is the 1st thing that is reported. It was not always this way. But we are of short memories.

God flexing His muscles is an extremely rudimentary way of assessing the current issues. If man is suffering it is because he is reaping the fruit of diligently denying God and living away from love. The sins of Abortion and Gayism are the scourge of our time. They cry out in a particular way to Heaven. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints. Abortion keeps a steady flow of innocent blood that cries for vengeance. God does not punish. He allows the punishment you have earned to fall upon you. And does not interfere. So Flexing Muscles is a rather crude way of putting it

can we call the punisher, “Karma”?
and can we say, on earth Karma is boss? not God or Satan?
and Karma will either get you or your children up to the fourth generation?

Apparently aboshon is a bad word…it gets censored.

Karma is a Divine Law. It is what keeps man bound to his current level of existence. Above the Law of Karma exist other Laws of evolution that we have not yet attained. Our lack of spiritual evolution keeps us bound to this dense matter and material plane of existence. If we only followed the laws of Love and Forgiveness then Karmic Laws would give way to other Laws of existence and we would experience a type of life that we now imagine is the preserve of Angels.

No Law can exist outside of God. He is always in charge.