God and Somalia

considering happenings between kenya and somalia,its been over 25 years Somalia has known no peace.Their leaders seem not to care and the little semblance of peace seems shaky,the US is like withdrawing,Amisom might leave next year and it might be like each village with her own militia.few somalis seem intrested in peace.somaliland is determined to go.puntland and jubaland are pulling in a different direction.

so whats God plan?nimefikiria sana hadi nikagoogle constitution ya somalia.its a rough draft that requires future review .it states islam is the state religione and any other teachings contrary to that are against that constituion thus illegal.the few somalis who become christians are threatened and killed,even here in kenyan refugee camps.

i dont mean to say christianity is better than islam,no.but the bible says all things happen for the good of God, Gods intrest is to save people to enter heaven as the bible says,could it be God prefers to have Somalis move out,then move to nations where they ae exposed to his word and salvation and in the process the word of God that the gospel will reach all corners is fulfilled?

once a sufficient number is achieved to establish the will of God back home , process of peace will succeed as they troop back.

my thoughts.

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Good thinking. But God has given man the free will to do as they please - Somalis included. They can choose to worship whomever they want. I have seen a few of my Somali friends living in the diaspora quoting the Bible and putting the text as What’s App status. I think so much is changing since they left Somalia and got exposed to other forms of worship.

acha isis ifike somalia to show them what real islam feels like ?

Not so much about God killing the state to force the people to submit to his gospel. Rather it’s God punishment to them for abandoning the basic virtues that make us human. Somalis are violent, racist, corrupt etc

praay for your country,stop murdering innocent somalis in the name of islam,vengence belongs to God

Those skinnies should be left to their own devices. kenya should only offer military support for Sheikh Madobe and his Juballand to offer a buffer between Zoomalia and NEP

satan is the god of this world, adam sold out his authority to the devil when he decided to eat of the fruit of good and evil. Thats why the world is like this, chaos , corruption etc. demons influence people to do wrong. But all this can be extinguished , when we pray, we allow God to move and cause changes for good. So, lets pray for our nation and other nations, pray for your leaders.