God & accidents

Jana was headed home from work around 1900hrs. The mat that I was in had issues, while cruising at 100kph on thika Rd roysa flyover, left back tire of the mat overtakes the matatu.

The mama I was seated with started calling Gods name and all the pasangers followed suit. One of the guys in the mat opened the window with the intention of jumping but thought otherwise. an old mzee was pushing the conductor to open the door.

All this time I was drowned in laughter as I could understand the correlation btwn a tire poppopping from the mat and God and the reaction of ththe pasangers.

Is it me alone ama this pple were hilarious…



hehe those who wanted to jump out of the window of such a mat kweli ni mafala hehe

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You got a weird sense of humor.You staring death in the face and laughing?

you know the drill…mbisha ya tire iki-overtake ma3 at 100kph ni muhimu :smiley:


Mungu ana nguvu. Si hata national anthem yetu huanza “eh Mungu nguvu zetu”
Ni nguvu zetu au nguvu yetu?

Hehe Mathari imejaa

are you a stutterer, also called a stammerer?

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Ma phone sometimes act up when I multi task heavily…

To me it wasn’t that serious but then again pples reaction was just too much it eclipsed the whole thing…

There people whose instinct zinawaambianga kukimbia ni the only good solution. I once remember lightning striking the ground and power lines repeatedly when we were in high school. The whole of outside was bright blue and luminous like magnesium. Wacha watu warukie milango na grill za dirisha wakitoroka. Now people are running outside wailing and shouting na huko ndio kuko wet and in the open. The stampede caused injuries. A few had gotten outside and the lightning came down again, and people where running back again. When they came back to class they found me still at my desk and they though i had a problem. I simply evaluted the situation without panicking. One student almost got killed by the resulting shock while holding on to window grill and walls. Aliganda hadi next morning.

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When they came back to
class they found me still at my desk and
they though i had a problem…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ama after an accident, dead bodies kila mahali na unaskia mtu akisema ni mungu tu amenisaidia sijakufa…na hao wamekufa ni shetani amewasaidia ama mungu alisahau kuwasaidia?


I thought maneno ya kuasi mungu tuliacha klist.

Some of us dnt knw kiswahili sanifu