Goat Trading

Making some money … :blush:



Marumbo ilipelekwa wapi?

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Daktari I am also planning to start on this too very soon (Plus Now I have credible contacts in both Kuwait and Oman)… I had this idea since 2018, did a business plan and showed hubby for support… When everything was being actualized, COVID derailed on all my plans, but I never lost hope… So far I have reared around 45 Galla Goats (7 Male, 19 Females, the rest ni watoto) and I have studied the market for some time kujua what is needed on my end… Trust me it looks easy on the eye, lakini this business is no joke… I belive one day I will be successful in my endeavors… One step at a time.


The trick is to line up a serious Customer in the Gulf.
Once that is done , sourcing suitable Galla Goats for Export from local Livestock Farmers and getting the relevant Vet and Export Certification is not so hard …
Avoid the greed of trying to rear them yourself initially…
Lots less headaches …
Good Luck in the Enterprise …:blush:


Thanks for the Advice Daktari… Trust me I have received referrals from several customers here (including hypermarkets), but the problem stems from my contacts in Kenya (especially in the Government Sector)… I have been frustrated when trying to seek more information on how I can conveniently source the goat meat from +254… Napelekwa hapa na pale, Mara nenda kwa consulate mara contact government officials back at home… There is a huge market out here at Gulf but our government is just too stubborn to help common mwananchi to exploit on such uncharted opportunities… I thought Madvd would be different but he has immensely disappointed me.

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First get your ducks in a row …

  • seek the advice of a local Agriculture Extension Officer
    They know where all the good Goats can be found and can hook you up for a small token.
    They will also hook you up with all the necessary paperwork , permits and processing.
    Resist the temptation of trying to do too much yourself.

  • Transport , care and shipping will be your next headache … stick with professionals already in the market and don’t try to cut corners with amateurs or crooks…
    Initially , you will have big overheads but less stress as long as the product gets to market and you establish yourself properly.

  • as time and profits increase and the enterprise gets established , you can slowly bring all those processes in-house and increase your profit margins …
    By then , it could be your full time hustle …

We are talking millions per month …!!
(… and KRA Tax free if the market is the Gulf …:blush:)


This here is a Solid Advice here…


it’s all easier said than done.

Mbuzi wanaibiwa kamulu utawala malaa ruai ruiru na vitongojini almost at gunpoint yakhe :green_emoji: :green_emoji:


Kuna Wariahe huku Tsavo in one of the ranches is doing it but for beef, the guy is rich rich rich.


Explains why goat prices have sky rocketed because most traders would rather export than sell locally, in my area kg mbuzi is now 800. Kiamaiko market ni 600/kg


There are many other places across to country to utilize as basis of your operation…

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Chevon and Mutton ni hotcake Gulf… Kwanza the Kenyan One… Surprisingly Panjeets are one of the highest consumers.


Exporting livestock is easier than processed beef / mutton products.

Avoid rearing headaches and initially just stick to exporting.

As you grow , work up the ladder and STOP at “Finishing” ( IE: consolidating shipment flocks feeding and preparation at a Ranch for 1 month prior to export).
This will ensure Quality Control.

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Beef is too complicated …
Stick to Goats and Sheep …
Camels should be your next step …

Australia is making a killing exporting feral Goats to the USA and Asia.

Maybe , this is what Zakayo Vasco Danganya should be promoting instead of fake overseas jobs and pastors …

Bure Kabisa …:rage:


Great initiative. Hundreds of millions within 2 years.

Doing the same but exporting through someone. I do the production part and he does the marketing.


How would you recommend getting a market abroad? And is there specific breeds targeted? I’m seeing Gallo goats mentioned. A friend of mine did the finishing thing. He’d bring cows from Meru area. Take them out to the ranches in maasai land and get them fatter.

There is serious money to be made in the Gulf …
Particularly in Ramadan …
Keep up the Good Work …

Kenya badly needs a few honest Millionaires …:rofl::joy:

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