go.ke vs Keroche; the battle continues

Nimesoma Business Daily page 7 (sande sana Highcshooler) that KRA has refused to renew licence for Tabby and slapped her with a bill of unpaid taxes. KRA says she tweaked the excise duty in her returns. What is going on between these two? Kwani Tabby amenyima mtu ama nini?

http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/130304115504-african-voices-tabitha-karanja-keroche-a-00032326-story-top.jpg sorry…mbisha ndio hiyo

KRA has the power to refuse license renewal?

huyo mama hajui what kulipa ushuru means, alikuwa na shida hata siku za obako

hujuma! i read politiks in it!

Tax licence yes. I recall running a business whose returns were below VAT threshold but I registered for VAT since most clients were asking for VAT licence. For three years I filed nil returns and KRA was forced to withdraw my registration

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Wewe wacha kutamani mama ya watu na bibi ya wenyewe. Cheki kifaranga




Hiyo Kifaranga naichecki

This business should be closed down… They might be paying alot of money in terms of tax but the effects of these alcohol outweighs the tax paid. the government(and even Kenyans) spends a lot of money for catering for medical care of the resultant diseases. Many family breakages, school drop outs and crime. #iSayYesToAlcoholFreeNation

Itabidi uhamie Saudi Arabia upewe kazi ya moral police huko. Though I am a teetotaller, I know Kenya will never be an alcohol free nation not in this or the next lifetime.


the things i’d do to you if we were left alone

Does the GoK ‘appear’ to be unfairly targeting Keroche? I think so. Has politics featured in the discussion about Keroche? Yes, a lot.

That said, I don’t have the facts yet so my comments could be subjective.

My 2 Zambian kwachas.

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My crystall balls tells me this mama got into a 5b+ deal with sab millers, eabl sees this as a threat to future business ,they will do anything for sab to withdraw the deal.

teetotallers huvuta weed hunibamba, siwaelewi

Lobbying is becoming a serious thing in KE. Just recently there were reports about Saf being split. It makes one wonder what criterion is being used to declare one player in a specific industry dominant, but the same criterion cannot be extended to other sectors (like the beverage industry). Isn’t it a case of the politically-connected business player using unfair means to get competition out of the way?

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KRA, KEBS have been sleeping as second generation alcohol manufacturers ruled. Sasa ndio wanajichosha

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What is second generation alcohol my friend? :confused: Tuanzie hapo

I think this second generation term is being missused

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Even mututho could not explain it well on tv the other night only saying its a standard introduced by the kebs classifying some manufacturing process as second generation. So im not even sure its a world recognised standard. I think those are the manufacturers who do not distill but rather just mix pure ethanol with water and flavours to come up with a drink. Unfortunately the unscrouplus ones mix with methanol. Also explains the high level of alcohol in these drinks

Hehehehe. I knew that would come up. I don’t drink, neither do I smoke cigarettes nor any other stuff.