Our boy is massacring some small London team . :D:D

We and Uncle Wenger are proud

Tottenham is home crying

And you are wanking to it,ain’t you?



Tottenham 2

Gnabry 7

no red card at home . thank you Lord

Atleast Arsenal mlihepa Bayern na hio jukumu ya kukamuliwa mkawachia Spurs :D:D:D

Bayern 10 Arsenal 2

:D:D walituzoea ma ghassia

Tottenham fans are trying to counter their mauchunu with this 10-2 aggregate score forgetting that they lost 7-2 at home to Bayern. What do they expect at Bayern’s home ground. Wakiongezewa zingine kama tano si itakuwa 12-2

Gnabry ame rape Spurs now that’s good news after Monday’s shit show from arsenal

Could have been 7-1, the ref decided to ease their embarrassment by give my them a weak penalty.

On a serious note jana nimenyanganywa nyama kutoka mdomo. Nilikuwa nimeweka multi bet on several of the UCL matches. Sasa becoz of greed nikaongeza one match from sijui an italian serie B ndio pesa ikuwe poa. All the UCL predictions ziliisha as i had betted. Ika baki only this serie B match. Walikuwa 90th minute. My team was leading 1-0. Niko livescore na refresh app nione tuu FT. Nikashindwa mbona inakwamia 90+4mins. Kumbe haka kateam ingine imepatiwa a controversial penalty extra time. Kidogo kidogo naona 1-1 . Niliskia kujinyonga. 275€ ili niondokea tuu hivo.

You now claim him yet Arsenal disposed him off for the price of a loaf of bread for non performance.

Bayern mungich is a weak team. You can’t rule that tote will lose wakiwa kwa kina Bayern. Sisi kama Liverpool tutaua hawa watu tukipatana nao . Wazee hukumbuka style.

He wanted regular first team action which Arsenal wasn’t providing after his failed loan stint thus opted for a club in his home country, Hoffenheim. Had he not been sold ange enda for firii

tiny totts

Boss you know we are the proverbial chini ya maji guys…they won’t know what hit them.
YNWA all the way…