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What would @uwesmake do,??

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wewe sasa hzi zinakulika aje na vyenye zimejaa mafuta

Mecho iko swafi sana.

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Who says Men are not important?*

  1. You can’t spell Madam without the Adam in it
  2. Neither can you spell Woman without the Man
  3. You also cannot spell Female without the Male
  4. Nor spell She without the He
  5. You most definitely cannot spell Mrs without the Mr.
  6. . and finally, in prayers, we continue to say Amen and not A-women
    This is to all the wonderful men who rise up to their responsibilities daily.
    Wacha mungu aitwe mwanume…

I have a thing for pantylines n today I just come around two lanyesh in black see through tight dress inside wearing a reflecting pink and red panty respectively… I saw the line and the whole damn! Gotta get that fetish’s name…

My mother used to communicate with eyes while I was growing up…
When visitors are in the house and I am jumping up and down, there is an eye sign which means “get out”

When visitors are eating and you want to eat with them, there is this particular look which means “if you collect anything here I will skin you alive” but meanwhile she will be telling the visitors “don’t mind him, he won’t eat or he has eaten…”

When you pay a visit to any family member and you want to cry over what is not yours, there is this look which means “if I hear pim from you again, I will flog you die”

But today’s mother… I mean our young mummies today ehhh…
Their eyes are already weakened with mascara, eye lashes and heavy-duty facelifts and make-ups from Mary Kay to Jenifer Lopez to Angelina Jolie. In short, the eyes can’t communicate again… when they are looking at a child, the child will be looking back at them because that child is seeing them as either a magician or masquerade or even doll baby, which they are used to.

@uwesmake kuja.


swaf sanaaaaa

swaf sanaa

smoking or drinking this evening?

If that’s your fetish then you need to attend one of the Caribbean parades or house parties. Those women don’t care at all, they can even go to church dressed in only a pantyhose.


Mau manati ni ngori