Gloryhole base?


Where can I find a cheap gloryhole appointment in Kenya? Preferably around CBD. There was one in Rongai which offered excellent service, 10/10. But the moaning was suspiciously masculine, so I couldn’t finish and ran away on the verge of tears thinking I got scammed and I’m officially gay. But that’s a stupid conclusion because akuna strong evidence. So I went with my initial presumption of a fine kisii lanye. That’s the reality I choose to believe.

Anyway leteni address. I’ll be VERY CAREFUL this time


:D:D:D eti you are officially gey. Heniwei, glory holds exists in Kenya? I thought that was a Yurope thing? Shocked I am.

Most Kenyan Lanyes are 5/10 at best and are a massive turnoff for me. Gloryholes are quick and easy if you’re just looking to get your dick wet.

Halafu ikiwe ni kama ile ndume inatrend juu ya kucon wazee :D:D:D

In a country like Kenya, seeing is believing…unless wewe ni @uwesmake una fetish ya trans.

Kuna glory hole Kwa kinyozi ya bayeye


Siku moja nitatuma ngariba angoje @Jimit hiyo pande ingine ya glory hole na power saw akate his 15kg foreskin.

You are too late. @Azor Ahai has showed up with geh tricks


What is a glory hole?


Who started this illustrious beef between the two of you?

It’s like a pothole with an open end

@kanguthu alikuwa employee of the year Kwa glory hole Huko Dubai naskia aliweka Kwa Guinness world records for the most dicks sucked in an hour

Tell me more about these holes of glory


You are a good man. Keep it up.

Rongai? Labda ulinyonywa na ndama msee. I don’t think gloryholes exist in the North of Limpopo and South of the Sahara although the allegedly reformed @Agwambo can clarify.