Gloomy Sunday Documentary. You thought Kenya was corrupt? Watch This about the Maldives

You can also post some other documentaries we share and compare notes

Safiii mkubwa was bored to death.

Good man. Something like this.

The Maldives’ VP was a douche selfie-taking slay king. Corrupt to the core

stima zimepotea wacha nikatafute mogoka aston villa

Usituletee kunguni za huko.

beba wakanesa mmoja ulete picha

effitense coming along courtesy of carl zeiss

Mohamed Nasheed made a mistake and jailed a judge. This led to his final downfall. Although this is a country with a population with a different definition of freedom.


This is also good.

At first i thought he was stupid by texting a lot, but i think he knew how it was going to end.

By the way. That explains why he handed over his Gold Iphones to a trusted confidant to ship them out of the country. The evidence in them is his bargaining chip with the regime

Yes, exactly. With all the evidence leaked out by aljazeera, does he have any other bargaining chip? I think he is done.

His ace card is exposed. His confidant did him in. Must have sold the info for a hefty sum not caring about the Jailed VP’s wishes

yeah, he is now a forgotten case. Lakini he was doomed to fail from the onset. He forgot one cardinal rule, YOU NEVER OUTSHINE YOUR BOSS!