Gladys Gachanja <----ati iki ni ki single mother, alizaa na Kris Kirubi

msapere ni msapere tuu


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Proof ya kuzaa iko wapi? I thought she was born again.

Hehe BTW @TIG mbona unadharau single mothers?

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Yeah she was born again and really humble , she used to be a presenter for Hope fm

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Ulikuwepo? Mushene kama hii hata salon imekataliwa


Whats the problem with that. Dont you know when people have unprotected sex women get children, and not by choice? Ama ulikuwa unafantasize naye?

this tribal hatred will destroy you


kulikuwa na discussion Classic,maboy hawataki ku marry wasapere…mbona

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Kwa sababu tunamaliza watu wako na Ujinga :mad::mad::mad:…


Which sane lady wants to marry a boy?


shut up please…mama mzee…ulikuwa unaringa in yr 20s…ukafika 30s uka start udespo…

Sometimes I wonder there can be a lot of peeps online kwa hii kijiji but 3/4 rarely post or comment

ama wako bedroom…huko kwa chat Mmmh :oops::oops: ?

mm ww ntakutomba—watch this space

Wewe. It’s not my fault that you were not hugged as a kid


@This is Gold
How old are you? Seriously you come across like a teenager. You were angry that you used to be kicked out of Klost but seeing the stuff that comes out of your mind, who can blame the mods there?
I bet once this place gets enough members and posters, you’ll go back to being kicked out.


Wanaogopa kutukanwa…we`ve all been there…
It would be so interesting if everyone said something.Im sure there are alot of people who are funnier and have more interesting lives than most members.
The key is to seperate yourself from your handle and not take stuff said to you personally.

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hakuna shida hata akizaa triplets na kirubi, its her life let her live the way she wants it

Ha ha …coz u got a golden Dick ama :rolleyes: , umeshindwa nikiwa neighbour uweze nikiwa incognito


Yeah … i was a guest for very long at Krost coz of fear

@Unicorn even if you’re fortefae I would still make sweet love to you…i don’t discriminate