give relevant titles to villagers

It would be good to give relevant members titles based on their competencies, perhaps we should have titles like, technology expert/chief village technologist, village business expert, village doctor, village lawyer, village engineer, village mechanic, these titles will identify competent members of the village whom members can seek advice from.

doctor ongojea luther…

Village Prostitute

Village police.

village circumciser

village lawyer ni muhimu sana, kenya’s legal process is largely unexplained

Village crier…

village wanker

village villlager

New villagers should be called “KLost Orphan”
A month later, “Villager”
3 months, and upon 50 posts, graduate to an expert in a specific field- village lawyer, Village Preacher, etc. If 100 posts without breach of rules (read deactivation or suspension) , the prefix Saint is added to the incognito. So I may be Saint Aviator, Village Exorcist.

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village idler
village witch
village idiot
village hustler

Village DFHKMer

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Village vagabond

Village HYENA…