Gitau Warigi said shut down Daadab. I agree

Certainly most of the undocumented people in Eastleigh are from there. Meanwhile, police statistics tell us most illegal firearms entering our country come from Somalia. Only a mad man would insist that Dadaab doesn’t play a role.

The usual disconnect between what others say and what they demand of us was on display when US Secretary of State John Kerry came visiting and urged us to keep Dadaab open.

Let’s be honest, which country on earth would allow a refugee camp as huge as Dadaab on its soil for 24 long years? More so at a time when a terrorist group sharing the refugees’ nationality is regularly staging bloody attacks against the nation that has hosted them?

Would the US be okay with it? Would Britain, which last week stated it will not take in any of the African migrants dying in the Mediterranean?

Would Indonesia, which is turning back Burmese Muslims stranded in the high seas? How about Australia, whose navy has a record of forcing away at gunpoint Asian ‘boat people’ from entering its shores?

Come on Kenyans, somebody is playing us for fools.

Ndio munyakue

You are just a fool and you keep proving it over n over



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@Owuadn What we need to “shutdown” is radicalization…not the camp.Its not the wish of those in the camp to be there, some of them are actually running away from the Al Shabab. And if you think they like it there why dont you go there and spend your Xmas holiday there?
If you watch the mpeketoni Massacre video then it will hit you that fluent swahili speaking “terrorists” are not refugees from that camp and even if we build a wall around Kenya and we dont stop radicalization then its all futile. #TheEnemyWithin.

mbona watu wameanza matusi kwa hii site?