Gideon Moi Son(Brayo D) new BMW

Gideon Moi Son new Machine

Jifunze kuweka picha ngite

Meffi ghaseeer unajaza na chieth

Looted public money , nothing to wow about.his grandfather ran down this country

Ye,we payed for that beemer.

You didn’t pay for nothing mate. That’s a mere BMW 3 series, even middle class peasants can afford. So nothing extraordinary.

A man driving a luxury car with looted public fund is not worth to address a meeting of mjengo men who owns black mamba. [COLOR=rgb(85, 57, 130)][SIZE=4]©circa wanaruona 2021.[/SIZE]

I thought schools are open. Watoto wa form 1 wanafanya nini huku leo?

Mbwa brafukin kipii. Rudi shule

Niaje @Sokwe mtu

heshima muhimu, unaniita nyewvee