Gibleys late night advice by uncle uwes


what is mine is mine i aint got no time for rumors in my life

am a man who thinks not a man who drinks so please let me live my life * 4

hic hic hic

Stop stop spreading those rumors around stop stop spreading those lieeessssss * 10

then my best roots artist;t=199

polepole tu wadau

@uwesmake please listen to this

mteso wacha kunisumbua hizo naskianga za ile ngombe Kibe peke yake

When I was watching this clip huko kwingine ,I had you in mind . A pseudo alpha male. That’s what you are: insecure, vulnerable , Heartbreaker. These are men who had a poor upbringing . They believe every woman is an object .

Skiza hii moja ya Olafur Arnalds…pay attention to the piano…and of course the violins, they’re orgasmic

Mtei , chukua hio utulie

Franco anaimba Namiswi Misapi hapa, naumisa tusker… anko uko pande gani

omwami niko hapa ngong road .