Giants of the Bible


How did the giants clean their mjulus with human puthi, considering the size. Or the Angels/sons of God fcked the human women and the offspring were giants?


even stephen king writes about giant rats

no comment

They had tiny penises

Andre the giant became a giant after suffering from acromegaly. Prolly was a condition that existed from back then.

the sons of God were angels who were sent to “watch” over us but walikua mafisi waka fall in love with the fine “geols” of earth they taught them medicine astrology, beautification and such, kumangana madame wakazaa giants called nephilim

The sota the manki, the longer the…?

what about them @Micymas

Adam peace be upon him was 60ft tall when he was created.


GIANTS EXISTED…myths exist about giants in many tribes across continents…

Giants and the Bible are not mutually exclusive. Finding one is no indication of the others’ truthfulness.

There is often a scientific explanation to these things lakini sisi Africans would rather believe in witchcraft and superstition


After watching that documentary ndo nkielewa the story of Goliath. Though gigantic people due to acromegally never live long

@nephilims unaitwa

They can if they seek medical services early. The case of Andre the Giant is that he refused medical services where they would suppress the unusual secretion of the growth hormone.