Getting through a barrier

So I’m sitting outside a chics shop. Let’s call her Laura. As we speak she’s opening shop (she knows I’m here so relax I’m not stalking her). She’s selling something I need at prices I can afford.
We had a thing sometime back - never got to bed though. She hates my guts coz I refused to lend her money once plus she’s somewhat a psycho (based on my assessment of how she talks. Look for the hekaya it’s somewhere here).
As she’s opening, I see one of my neighbours sitting outside her shop. Apparently she also runs the shop next to hers.
So how do I get to Laura’s shop without being spotted by my neighbour who I’m sure will start stories?
The shop is behind me and I can see them from the rear view…

Anyway, let me go. Kama mbaya mbaya!

kwaniini hutaki neighbour akuone?

opening maguru?


Nimeenda. Madam psycho is actually normal. I’m shocked. She’s lost a lot of weight though.

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Tafuta petrol na tyre uchome huyo jamaa saa hii!

Hii ni trailer ya Hekaya between you and the neighbor. Leta Hekaya sasa.

hama kwa maploti baba kama unaogopa majirani kukusema

shes blossoming

nilisahau hii; what would @uwesmake do ?

Summary: hii ni story ya brothels. Laura amefungua brothel mpya


Jamaa? It’s a chic. The neighbour ni Dame. Bado nichome?


umekamua neighbour sasa unadai kukamua hyo ingne…

Neighbour anajua kuna mtu so anaeza nichomea.