“Getting stuck” gets new meaning

Rumor has it that if you suddenly scared the girl, her mechanism would relax and release the poor lad. Nothing can be done about the humiliation .

Wah, maajabu haya

I’ ve aleays wondered how guys get stuck kwa punani, kwani those muscle ziko “strong/ powerful” aje mpaka huwezi toka ama ni suction causing a vacum like presure like a plunger?

How does this happen? Thot it only happens to dogs

kumbe uko kama mimi dear. Gud Morning?

Am glad am on wi fi this shit is old as f@*k


Kuna hekaya hapa msee amekwama kwa mboch for a few hours.

:smiley: nani ana link?

Veery old

@admin does the above thread qualify to fall under the news and politics category ??No!!!

verdict:weka hio mama equator

Sex and politics are indefatigably “stuck” together. For example, this can interpreted as a defiant nasarite who failed the #ResistNjeri test. Given the number of witchdoctors that have been enriched this campaign period, it is entirely plausible that a spell has been cast on all weak rod-bearers.

You have been warned.

This is caused by tension ! a finger up her butt hole causes the muscles to relax and you will be out and on your merry way, albeit with a smelly digit !

You know, I’ve never met a girl who says she likes anything up the butt. So if most people are like me, fingers will increase tension, not reduce it. Who has sex with a dirty butt anyway? Don’t answer that.

the fact ur handle is pepe le pew u must have stinky butt

Shitty discussion here

Ndo hii

[INDENT]Kaffir (alternatively kaffer; originally cafri) is an ethnic slur used to refer to a black person. In the form of cafri, it evolved during the medieval era as a non-derogatory equivalent of “negro”. In Southern Africa, the term was later used as a neutral exonym for Bantu peoples. The designation came to be considered a pejorative by the 20th century.[/INDENT]

Enough said.

Mimi nataka kukuama, anybody who can do this you are welcome

No need to get butt hurt and crawl wikipedia all in jest mi dear !