Getting rid of lack of sleep

Good afternoon everybody. You know, at the recent time I can’t normally sleep and it really bothers me a lot. So could you please recommend me a product that could help me to relax please?

Avoid relying on drugs to induce sleep, at some point you will develop an addiction. I would advise you intensify your work out sessions, that way by the time you get to sleep you are fatigued to the point where you will just doze off.

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Insomnia is a really popular problem of nowadays.
More often than not, it is not a problem of relaxing, but of a stress. There are certain tips which may help you obtain healthy sleep.

  1. Many scientists claim that reading before going to bed is the best tool to fall asleep. I should point out that you’d better read the real books but not reading before the computer screen. Books may help you relax and forget about stress which surrounds you.
  2. Avoid using a cell phone for at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. That is really important because the screen of the mobile phone affects your brain activity and it makes it believe that it’s daytime and no time for sleep.
    If all these tips don’t help you, you should definetely see a doctor. Sleep-related problems may affect your mental and physical health, so that is really dangerous.