Getting rid of lack of sleep

Good afternoon everybody. You know, at the recent time I can’t normally sleep and it really bothers me a lot. So could you please recommend me a product that could help me to relax please?

Kunywa muratina na ulale. You will sleep like a newborn baby.

Get rid of your smartphone.

Start training.

Take matters into your own hand.


Take a loan…
Buy 100 sheep…
When you’re in bed…
Start counting them in your mind…
In reverse order…
From 1000, 99, 98,…
But ensure you’re not distracted by thoughts of docking them…

Go clubbing 3 times a month.

Check out this app that helps me sleep better at night:

Download hio app

Perfect remedy:D:D:D

Newbie @Colin90Carroll unataka kulala ama kurelax?

Hi, you should start use your energy efficiently and spend it to be tired at evening. So, you can go to gym, run cross for minimum an hour per day or make intellectual activity to get tired. Don’t remember to eat healthy to keep your organism in a good condition and use less your phone. Good luck!

See a doctor ASAP, this is the same condition that caused Heath ledger and Michael Jackson to overdose on sleeping pills so that they could sleep even for few hours

infact, just 30 minutes of H.I.I.T every morning will do you wonders

It’s a sign of the times we are living in. I decided not to fight it anymore and just pop an antihistamine every night. If exercising 2 hours before bed and other sleep hygiene tools don’t help you, you might need a sleeping aid. A benzodiazepine such as Valium 5mg or antihistamine tablet.

Exercising right before bed will get your heart racing and prevent one from sleeping. I think you should exercise and tire yourself well before bedtime.

I find this life abit funny, mimi usingizi sijui ilitoka wapi. I get sleep everywhere, in job, in church, kwa mat…

You don’t need any substances to help you relax, unless you’re ill, and a doctor advises it. Keep yourself busy as talkers are saying–a healthy body is wired to demand rest when you need it. You should seek to sleep normally. Try not to worry too much about life. It’s a good idea to avoid things like muguka and energy drinks too.

You don’t sleep well at night.