Getting hitched to your high school/college sweetheart actually ain’t a bad idea

These are the only ninjas that can rest assured knowing that their wives truly liked them for them. Any girl you meet after this, especially after 25+ will only enter a long term relationship with you from a purely transactional point of view. Tupambane na hali yetu.

Those girls who used to drop you candy and love notes in primo are now grandmothers to kids your kid’s age. You cannot match a woman you grew up with.

It’s all good until people start asking you why you are dating your mom’s age mates. You can’t date your age mate.

wewe umesasahau bio ya primo,chics grow and mature faster than men,hence your class mates chics will be much older than you in like 20 years

Hizo telenovela zinakuchanganya

The saying women mature faster than men is for the AVERAGE MAN example rexumbwa and the likes. A man has more brains than any woman Naturally at any particular point in time. But the average man is manipulated by good looks(sorry I meant make up) and pussy. Therefore he needs more time to mature up. And for those few who end up getting hitched to their college /high school. … Congrats you showed that woman you can think better than the older guys.

Maturity and brains may look alike but are very different and diverse.

your wife must be minimum ten years younger ukiwa 25 oa a 15 year old , ukiwa 28 an 18 year old

Kweli maze. Wale madem nilikua namezea mate pale praimo maze sai wanakaa wanyanya. Same na Campo. Wa campo kwanza waligongana na ukuta at 300kph.