Getting desperate now,

Nimetoka kutembea pale Nasa telegram,and today they have gone the extra mile of educating their supporters who they call “kenyans” on how to make and launch a molotov cocktail.They have gone ahead to explain how the egyptian regime was toppled by use of the said cocktail.
can these tactics work in kenya? ,dont think so,kenyans love themselves soo much and given that uhuru supporters are more than railas such initiatives sound like desperation and an attempt to incite other tribes against kikuus who are mentioned in the text.

here is the post


Please don’t do this at home. It is dangerous and can lead to loss of life; This post is meant for educational and historical purposes only.

Facing a tyrant that was desperate to cling to power, willing to go any mile or do anything including killing his people to remain in power, the Egyptians people resorted to the old known, tried, and effective means of civilian defenses against Mubarak’s army and police force.

To defend themselves, they used Molotov cocktail.

To make the Molotov cocktail, they used the following:

  1. Glass bottles.

  2. Petrol/Gasoline (Turpentine, diesel fuel, jet fuel, or methanol were used as alternatives).

  3. Rags, paper towels, or old newspapers.

  4. Lighter fluid or alcohol.

  5. Matches or lighter.

  6. Tar or motor oil.

  7. Funnel (optional)

This is how the Egyptians made their Molotov cocktail.

  1. They poured the petrol into the glass bottles, 2/3 full.

  2. They added tar or motor oil to the bottles so that the fires would stick better to their targets.

  3. They dipped the rags, paper towels and old newspapers into lighter fluids or alcohol.

  4. They then placed the rags, paper towels and newspapers on top of the filled bottles and tightly closed and secured it.

  5. They positioned themselves in strategic positions, at least 2 yards away, lit and launched the Molotov at their targets.

The results of their resistance and self defense:

  1. The Egyptian army and police had to withdraw from Tahir square.

  2. Over 4,000 Mubarak’s officers were killed.

  3. The army was stopped from killing more civilians because the civilians were prepared.

  4. Mubarak was removed from power.

  5. The Egyptians are free today from the tyrant.

Thanks for reading. Let’s share so that we can all learn how the Egyptians took down the dictator.

Anything is possible. In history of man, citizens have learned how to take care of tyrants bent on killing its people to retain powers.

My thoughts and prayers are with our brothers from Nyanza that Uhuru and his Kikuyu elites continue to kill like dogs. The Egyptians did it.

forgive any grammatical errors ,i am high

So Mubarak’s army general is in power and mubarak had easy time.

I am yet to see a true course I could fight for.

I will also forgive you for failing to notice that this has already been posted here. In its original form…

Our army officers are still in the barracks not on the streets fighting civilians.

some people have a death wish. it’s not like you’ll launch a molotov cocktail with a slingshot…lazima ukaribie twenty meters at most kama wewe ni Hercules. G3 inakuonea 200 meters. fanya hisabu.

where do you get all those things from? Or they will be given for free? They are just joking. They could not raise money for for compaign, ni pesa ya insurrection wataweza? You cant have fighters without paying them, supplying them, feeding them and supportive environment. The way we are in kenya, that is impossible. During the shifta war of 60s, somali were just killing their own.

Personally, I’ve always thought those opposing the sitting govt do so wrongly Since Jomo days. The ruling regime in Kenya have been corrupt and ill-suited to govern. A better option would be to give the people competent and upright leaders and they’ll back you up to the hilt. Choosing tactics that lead people to ask “what’s the difference with this guy compared to who he wants to replace?” stinks.

Hizo Molotov cocktails zitakuwa effective huko Kisum hapana Nairobi.

My friend we have many “well wishers” out there ready to fund and ignite a lucrative environment for arms deals… Africa is a great place to start war and sell arms to while shooting “entertaining” clips to watch of “niggas” ripping each other out…

I expect a few to explode before being launched.

Unfortunately they will be dealing with our policemen

even after launching all those cocktails, Egyptians are where they were before…Morsi was overthrown and jailed and now Sisi is at the helm.

A revolution in +254 in 2017 is not possible. Would have been possible if we had M01 today…majority united against a cause.

Woi… Unless he incites nyeri

Can these marauding youth even afford kerosene leave alone petrol?

Kikiki…kerosene itanunuliwa na paybill ya Kelonzo

It might seem ideal to cite Egypt as an example but ask most Egyptian today and most will tell you that they were better off with Mubarak the time the nation will take to recover economically if they had waited probably by now Mubarak would be dead

How and the man is not yet dead despite all the stress?