Get out if you can!

It’s as clear as day that corruption/leadership issues will remain unsolvable in Kenya for the next 1000 or so years.

So, why are you guys staying put? Ever tried packing it up and going to Botswana, Rwanda, Europe, North America, South America, or wherever the fuck you want?

Ama you guys are all billionaires because life is indeed very good for the elite in Kenya? Even if you were the 0.1%, of what benefit do you get building a mansion and fencing it like you’re building a power plant?

Pale Twitter it’s always Kenyans complaining about the economy, corruption, mara nabii sijui nini. These same people don’t realize that they have zero control in the grand scheme of things. Only a revolution can save Kenya.

I foresee a civil war in the next 5-10 years because all of you look fucking tired of the sideshows. Wouldn’t advise anyone to invest in Kenya long-term.

Sisi tuko hardy hatubanduki ndio sisi tuko

Na watu wa treasury bonds?

Wakini, ongeza kanyama hapo kwa Ngimanene na matharo

This is a bad time to get treasury bonds. This gov’t will default on that debt and when that happens (very likely), you’re all fucked!

We are waiting for them to read the budget…tutajuwa our next move

Sai 91-day treasury bills ndio language pekee tunaongea. Bonds ni very tricky.

Wenye hatunanga hata passports tufanye nini sasa

Breathtaking ignorance.

Enda uchukue passport the same way ulienda kuchukua ID. Tumia akili mkuu

The only reason I would want to relocate from this shithole is for the future wellbeing of my kids. Its sad to invest in education of your kids only for them to return home to begin the long wait for that job that will never come.

Those who have been around will tell you that Rwanda is closer to explosion than Kenya. If Kagame keels over things will not be pretty.

ningekua na mtoto ningekua worried. otherwise, mimi niko sawa tuu

Nyii wasee mnakuanga toxic btw. There is more whining, moaning and complaining here than all Arsenal fan forums combined during Wenger’s reign.

Wewe ndio Fala. Just coz you got some Bonds worth 50k isikufunge macho ati wewe investor hatari. Investment in the securities makes sense if the value of the dollar makes sense. Right now, nothing is, to top it up, the govt is also broke, and don’t think that Nabii has not dreamt of printing more to save his ass now but mess us later down the line. Endeleeni kukataa that olive Branch ya 3% building tax, Nabii will make an asswipe out of the KES by just buying an Epson printer.

Wakenya wamekuwa wakifanya blunder ya ku erect for the wrong people…it’s finally catching up with them… maybe it’s because sijawai fwata crowd but since i reached voting age it’s only kibaki who I can count as Kenyans only right choice kutoka apo imekuwa blunder after blunder… Ngai works in mysterious ways it’s not funny what is happening to Kenyans but I’m glad I’m not there to be telling JSKS supporters i told you so

Idiots like you imagine you’re smart cause you can “poor shame” a stranger on the internet. I can tell from your incoherent rant that you have no idea how financial markets actually work

Weak Ass.

Machine imeharimbika

Aje? Ooliskia wapi? Passport haitengenezwi na mashine ya kushona nguo brother.