GeorginaMakena... Swthrt kuja

I know you try to avoid me,… You think I’m as rude as CNyakundi? No, I aren’t. But don’t say he’s ugly again. You didn’t pay for your beauty if you possess any. Again, your creation is yet to end. We never die as we came to this world. Some came upright, but end in wheelchairs, others, lose eyes, teeth… I’m confronting you cause I’m convinced of the sort of ugliness you were referring to in him. Again, as I said earlier, your thoughts are downright unfair, prejudiced and shoddy. If you meant he’s ugly why couldn’t you see the conspicuous 107 teeth in Adelle’s mouth…? I thought you were not shortsighted.

I have never understood why feminists are constantly fighting the male gender in the name of “gender equality”. Women must learn and accept to be women, without these endless effort aimed at male subjugation.
In a natural setting, dick is power. It is not by coincidence for male male dominance to be a common phenomenon among different species of animals. And let alone human, among other animal species females naturally submit to their males.
Only among the spotted hyena( Crocuta crocuta) , Where the females exhibit an uncommon behavior. Studies relating female spotted hyenas are to some point interesting, as these females are very aggressive and dominant over their males.
But, why does this happen? Female spotted hyena has a pseudopenis from its extraordinarily long clitoris. In some females, the clitoris is as long as the penis of the male. The pseudopenis has the ability to erect just like the real penis of s male one.
But why should this genital masculinization exist in them? Well, I tend to think or I can literally associate it with subjugation of the male. A female spotted hyena can only mate voluntarily and it is totally impossible for the male to rape the female one. This is because the female mammal has to retract it’s pseudopenis which forms its clitoris into itself for the male to enter its vagina.
Yes, the pseudopenis is long enough to make this believable. In fact during birth by first-time mothers cubs usually suffocate inside the birth canal cause it’s a long journey. Sometimes the pseudopenis ruptures, releasing the cub and this results to a big wound on the mother.
Anyways, female spotted hyenas dominate over their males and all this is credited to their large pseudopenis. They are also believed to have a high level of testosterone and gestational androgens.

In humans we are not meant to live this way… Women are meant to submit, and men are also expected to respect women. But women must also deserve this respect. Don’t fight for more than what you deserve, we respect you. We know you are ‘weak’, but we don’t mean to take advantage of this…


aren’t the shoes two sizes too big?

Mi nmesoma yote lakini sijashikanisha any. @Mwari priss kam kiasi, ni wewe unatafutwo

Now that you’ve mentioned her, she must appear. She avoids me, cause she supposes I’m…

an idiot?

pseudopenis wat!!!croctuta puta hyena wat!!!

I don’t feel like I should insult you at this time

You and @GeorginaMakena share one thing, you both have bn changing your gender, from male to female and vice versa. So ngiteeeee

If that has an implication of being transgender, bado haikuhusu

Funny how something as crafty as a hyena has a reduplicated scientific name…crocuta crocuta. Miguna Miguna…ama wacha tu.


Wasted effort. Can’t change a Feminazi no matter what you do.

So what do you want now??? A written apology to Cyprian Nyakundi? Or an admission that penis is power??? Let me tell you ,young man. There is a reason why men did not have to join support groups to have respect in society. They were actually men, they did men things, is going online to write crap about a woman you dont know from a can of paint, doing man things? You people you are your own worst enemies. Just be a man and leave women alone ,women will respect you. SIMPLE!!! Mambo za rape leave that to women to discuss, you discuss man things. Respect as you rightly put it is earned. By who you are not by being a drama queen and abusing women. There is a big difference between respect and fear. You can make women fear you because you have a dick and muscles. But you can never command respect by demanding it based on your physique. If am using a flight of stairs and a man appears who I dont know then you know I fear men. I dont have to think about it,its reflex. Women want to idealise men and look up to men but what is there to idealise and look up to in that sketchy chap? Not his looks,most certainly not his personality. Let me advice you my brother, stop demanding respect from women and just be a man worthy of respect and veneration and adulation. BE A MAN.Dont yap about being a man. Dont talk about womanising and dickmatising and manipulating women. Why? This is for weaklings and for boys. A man just is a man and the respect follows him. Anyway, am trying to avoid controversial issues and arguments at this sensitive time in our country. You dont need to keep complaining about women about I dont know what, complaining and gossiping is not a manly behaviour ,its a behaviour of someone without power. So just be a man, a real one,women will venerate you and look up to you. Women also are really in need of male role models but nowadays you cant even tell who is who if you dont look at the name or the color of the handle.Men are as petty,men are as …anyway,wacha niachie hapo. Please I hope you get the gist of my reply . With all dew respect to you and your penis. I dont need hyena stories to respect your penis. I respect your penis very much sir!