Georgina Makena experiences ecstacy

After @pseudonym crushed my hopes of a tablepenis match, I was left with some major blue balls. I decided to crack the hardest nut on Ktalk.
I started messaging @GeorginaMakena telling her how inspired I was and how she had changed my perspective of women. We moved the conversation to Terekram and she asked me about dickmatisation. It seems she hadn’t been smashed properly all her adult life.
Instead of leading with my lower head, I turned it into a conversation about emotions and hormones and psychology. She swallowed all my crap until I told her about a lecture by a renowned psychologist at a local university who had a presentation that weekend. She agreed to meet me there.
I dressed in a tweed suit, wore a bowtie and glasses so she could think I am an intellectual.
When we met, I was quite surprised. She was cute but dressed very conservatively, and also wore glasses. But hidden in her eyes was a curiosity I wanted to fulfil. She had a nice body but it was hard to discern under her church clothes.
The lecture was quite interesting and afterwards, she agreed to go for coffee nearby. We sat next to each other in the crowded basement and soon the topic turned to sex.
From her postings, I knew she was sexually serviced but not sexually fulfilled. She hadn’t been taken over the threshold of ecstasy. She asked alot of questions about how a real orgasm was achieved and how one achieve it unless they loved the person giving it.
I explained that when you detach your brain, body and feelings into three separate parts, you were able to feel how each reacted to stimuli. Why does a vibrator give an orgasm yet it is inanimate ? Why do you love someone who hurts you ? In the search for the ultimate orgasm, it only required the correct physical stimulation since it is a physical act.
I could tell she was getting turned since her breath was shortening and her nipples were like bullets straining against her bra. I then laid it out - you cannot know how it feels unless you feel it. You cannot know how ice cream tastes unless you try it.
She said she wanted to feel it but on her terms. I was to meet her at a place and time she chose. I agreed. That is how I found myself in room 69 of a top hotel. How appropriate !
She was dressed in another church skirt suit but slightly shorter and tighter. ‘Do you have condoms ?’ She asked boldly. I opened my rucksack and showed her two packets, some Nuru massage oil, a blindfold and an ostrich feather. ‘What are those for ?’ she gasped. ‘You’ll see’. I said.
She went to the shower and came out with a large towel around her. I asked her to lie on the bed, face down and began to massage her. The Nuru oil was slick and I worked it from her toes to her heel. The foot massage progressed to her legs and then thighs. She parted them slowly and I massaged higher. Eventually I reached her butt and it was quite soft. I rubbed the globes and then went down the crack until I reached the trimmed hairs between her legs. I took each labium in turn and stroked top to bottom. I then milked her clit with long strokes until it was rock hard.
I hooked two fingers into her g spot and rubbed gently while still massaging the clit. She raised her bum and moaned. I teased her by rubbing her back and tits until she told me to take her.
I sheathed my rock hard dick and approached. I moved her body until she was arched and ready, doggystyle. Slowly I plunged my meat into her wet orifice and started a slow rhythm.
As I ferked, I put more oil on my hands and kept massaging her wherever I could reach. Soon she was pushing back hard. I maintained a five deep, twenty shallow sequence until she grabbed my ass and pulled me in.
Instead of speeding up, I pulled out and wrapped my lips around her engorged clit. I sucked and licked while squeezing her nipples until she screamed into the pillow. I then went back in and started a slow, very deep stroke.
She was now screaming her lungs out and I started increasing the tempo. Soon her legs were trembling and I knew this was it.
I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back. My strokes turned into a grind. I felt her orgasm build up from her core and it came crashing like a giant wave. Another wave followed and her hot fluid flowed out.
In one motion I turned her and plunged back. I continued the grinding motion and leaned into her ear. ‘Come for me again’ I urged. She moaned again and a smaller orgasm hit her.
I continued until she could take no more and collapsed.
After an hour, she drank some water and asked me ‘did you come ?’. She looked disappointed that I hadn’t and asked what she could do. I suggested she blow me and she admitted she had never done it before.
I took out my phone and showed her a video. She copied what she saw and I was soon moaning as she licked my shaft and balls and tried to deep throat me. I wanted her to swallow so I pulled her up and turned her into a 69.
We ate each other until we exploded in a mutual orgasm. I could feel the suction as she sucked out my home made custard and swallowed.
We repeated the performance a few times until morning came and we parted ways.

Sigh… …

Let me catch a shut eye first.

Goodnight !

Lol, dint read

makei amenaswa

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Wait til Virtual Post Nut Clarity kicks in.


It will be the worst ever.:D:D:D:D:D:D


That is impossible. No bodily fluids were expended in writing the tale.


my Fren utapata reply inatoshana na bible na mavitisho n just pray reach husband isn’t a talker…si unanjua wameru?


She doesn’t frequent the hekaya section plus she will be too busy ushering in church to read.

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in church repenting the unforgivable sin or giving a special thanksgiving sadaka for the experience? meanwhile tafuta helmet ya Arai jus’ incase

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Ngoja atoke kanisa utaona.


Praying for my sinful thoughts.


I am always … When writing hekayas.


@pseudonym , rate the narration, I think its super. @Baba Toto ngojea kichapo from @GeorginaMakena .


Your hekayas have expended tonnes of Arimis on this site.
I’m still recovering from the fapping one…


Superb writing…

To be honest though, I cannot imagine my gal Georgie doing the nasty.

Maybe if she wore a nun’s habit…and @Baba Toto snuck in the convent one stormy night and found her kneeling by her spartan bed …then he would go down behind her and lift her habit up to expose her white cotton undies…whisper in her ear that he had heard her prayers and gently slide down her pannies ,massage her bum and slide his fingers on her Mon veneris making her squirm as she gets wet…
Etc etc…:p:p



You write with such ease

well done @Baba Toto. achana Na @pseudonym wangu kapsaa.