George Clooney

did this guy marry an Arab transgender? this is some pretty occultic stuff I mean damn. Look at his wife. The dude has biceps. FYI Clooney was close friends with Obama

your point being?

Hii upus tumia Pat Robertson kwa email.

No she’s not a tranny

Hii ndio shida ya kuzoea fat pigs for women ukipatana na overseas females unakua dumbstruck

FYI Lebanese women know a thing or two about being feminine,which I adore in plenty.

Clooney is such a lucky fucker

The Mrs is a very accomplished individual and an intellectual. You so superficial young negro.

look at all these sheep

Hapana tambua hii upuss

mbicha wadau mbichaaaaaaa

Have you checked out her privates? Una ufala sana.


I wouldn’t blame any of you though.

so what if he likes that he likes that, who are you to judge… fact remains the guy is a millionaire and you are just another black man in Africa with little to no accomplishments

hizo cheekbones buanaa na hana matiti huyu ni shemale hatoshi mboga