Gents whats your limit?

Ever been in a situation where a woman picks a fight with you and you are clearly not in the mood for one, then she starts calling you names pushing your head calling you all sorts of nasty ishhhh! well to the point of Slapping you in the face (lets say in front of a crowd, friends or family) Imagine that! "Waahhh Mwanaume mzima anapigwa kofi na mwanamke) you hear the crowd say, have you ever been in such a situation where you were with such a viper(women who don’t know how to handle there cool)… and what did you do?

I don’t support any form of violence against women or men but as a man i have something called an Ego that i must protect.

HIGH SCHOOL FIGHT: Teenage Girl Continuously SLAPS And BERATES Boy In Her Class . . . Until He SNAPS And Goes SAVAGE ON HER!! (Did The Boy Go TOO FAR With It???)


The guy did his best to stay calm…the slamming of the lady was good enough to silence her…I usually silence such with a hot kidero-style slap that makes her head spin


I don’t anger easily so most probably I’d just take the humiliation. I can’t control what people say about me but I can control my anger. If what she does bothers me then I’ll sit down think about it and act.

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I have said b4 and i will say it again a woman needs to be touched once in a while 2 remind her who puts the trousers in the house. I used 2 have a chic who wud start whining over nuthin…mko kwa nyumba wathing movies and amekujamia…kidogo kina start storo zingine za bafo(kitambo) …unamshow mum pls wacha kunikasirisha…she still continues…alafu ushawai pointiwa kwa kichwa na kidole alafu she tells u hauna akili…apo ndio jay ufika hasira mode…shika a chic kunja her hand behind her back…bring her face to me …two hot slaps alafu sweep…akiwa chini unamrukia and nyoga her and tell her mum i told u usinikasirishe…two more hotter slaps…she starts crying…carry her to bed and make love to her while she is still crying… tomba her ruffness with the sweetness .after making love she be like aki jay unajua uliniumiza but i still love u…u hug her and caress her like a teddy bear



Where did that link go?

As a man in such situations it doesn’t matter what you do, either way you’re screwed. If you stay meek and adopt the i wont hit a girl stance, everyone will laugh at you and call you a pussy. On the other hand if you react, you immediately become a monster. From that video you can see how everyone was having a good laugh when the girl was insulting and physically attacking him. They could have intervened at any point to de-escalate the situation, but they only did so after the young man lost his cool.


My fuse is only 0.5 amps, inachapa once na gal yuko chini alafu df juyake

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Wengine wetu hatuko fb,weka video hapa

You dont anger easily sawa. Imagine she does the fingers thing kwa kichwa while insulting you or even worse still airing your dirty linen in public (that intimate thing that only she knows about you (NB not your dark secret you never say that one). Do you still chillax and think about it?

Aki jay unajua uliniumiza but i still love u…

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Well, that chiq deserved it!!


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hell no! call me what you will I will control mu anger and zone you out; but lay a finger on me and you’ve made your war cry

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If she airing your dirty laundry then pia wewe you must have hers. Mwache amalize kisha baadae you can air hers if it matters.

The thing is this girl isn’t going anywhere. Ukitaka utampata tu.

Pia wawza chokozwa kusudi umpige kisha umlipe kama vile @Twangapepeta alivyofanyiwa. Ukimuumiza vibaya kortini hawatajali nani alimchokoza mwenzake.

Cha mumhimu ni kuhakikisha waliopo wameona kwamba hukureact kwa njia that can be interpreted as violent. Kumbuka hata kushika mtu can be argued as battery.

The point is… haendi popote.

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Easier said.

Indeed, seems like @Algernon. lives on another planet.

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I can’t explain it, but I can detach myself from such situations whenever I want . You can shout at me till kingdom come and not raise my blood pressure 1 bar.

Same case here,I take time to get angry. Actually I do not remember the last time nilikasirika hivo. So laying hands on a woman is a no no. Hiyo kukosa kukasirika visibly messes them up mpaka wanashindwa wafanye nini…It works for me