Gentlemen-To chase the beautiful women, or Game Theory; Women -Alpha Males or compromise??

I was in a certain forum and I was amazed at the derangement of some of the women lurking around in cyber space. One of them stated; “Well I get offended when I get a man with low SMV, because speaking to those Beta Males(Mamas Boys/Cry Babies/Unsure Guys-Call it whatever you may), because they will reduce the number of hot guys that will hit on me”.
I think I wrote one comment as a rhetoric one to the effect, “and precisely what happens when blubber comes to embody yester years points of curvature?”
Anyway, so this guy was going on about speaking to very beautiful men. I thought out loud that perhaps Game Theory would be a more apt approach; by giving a lot of attention to those very beautiful ladies, the personality curve tends to swing antagonistic relative to her beauty. And I proceeded to credit the women for the invention of the “alpha male”, the worst mistake they ever did for their long term romantic pursuits, having created some very tasty buffets customized for a fairly small set of men, and who are in no way ready to waste any of the easy pickings; So this lady was going off that , well the other guys are not sure of themselves, they this and they that. I asked her the category of guy she was last involved with, the category of the guy, and longevity of their romance. I think the response was alpha, and what must have been a lightning fast eat and bail operation. I asked , and so, “So how many of his kind have you had in a long term relationship?”. The prospect were not very uplifting. Anyway…let me paste the other part of the response down here…
Beautiful women and the chasing games:
I forgot to mention the fact that actually men, are very good facilitators of some of the collective idiocy that has them dancing to the tune of games best consigned to the 2 year old kids at home.That notion of giving the ladies the leverage to act in all sorts of ludicrous manner, and still sniffing at their toes, is one that enough men with common sense would erase very fast. Unfortunately discrepancies in blood flows southbound instead of to the northbound VAT result in some fairly shocking things men will do to redress the blood flow imbalances!
The alpha male context:…in days of yonder, distant and no distant past:
The alpha male idea, stems from evolution, whereby in the distant and not so distant past your survival literally hinged on braun vs brain …nature vs nurture.superiority in strength. The leaders literally led their men into war etc. and they tended to father most of the babies in society…or every man’s wild fantasies which were manifested in Genghis Khan to whom up to I don’t know 10% 16%. or something far East Asia people trace back to him genetically!! Am wondering just what flavor of viagra they had going then geez!
Contemporaneous context of the alpha male:
With the advent of stone age then bronze age , then industrial revolution etc, then fast forward to now the tables are overturned 360. It is “nurture” that has more ascendancy relative to “nature”…access to good education, proper nutrition, and avenues where those talents can be exploited. I remember this thing about for example Jewish or something kids with higher IQ scores; majority of these tests is heavily biased by proper instruction. It wasn’t their brains after all , as much as proper education. You can collectively thank your medieval ancestors for shunning usury, because that loophole propelled the Jewish to the very pinnacle of money, and modern Wall Street is an instructive testament to that fact.
In medieval times, ladies wanted a protector,and their “alphas” were typically physically stronger and their offspring got passed on. In the modern day, the ladies’ minds are probably more manipulated by the media than anything . Nowadays, mostly people who end up as leaders of all sorts, have supplanted the "strength " of the past. The western world particularly has hammered on the maxim of “equality” regardless of sex etc.The problem is that after you fully balance that equation, what will be the role of the man and the woman? Particularly after the 2008 crisis, which was fueled by a past dotcom bubble, and instead of busting further inflated a housing one and it all came to roost in 2008…and one from which are still reeling from aftershocks of, many women started earning more than men. Mental exercise; go to the military communities, or those affiliated with “living in different countries, and particularly Asia”. Among these groups, a very very significant number prefer an Asian wife, for the simple reason that they actually make him feel like a man! In the west, there is an almost 180 degree to where disambiguation of men from women, is more and more simply a function of Biology and not much else.
The western societies have granted an edge to the ladies, and some men are part of the orchestra to fortify that notion, a very good example of which is the article being discussed. I find it very counter intuitive to engender a paradigm that suppresses one gender while inflating the other, and in large part fanned by the suppressed ones! I am all for fair game between men and women, but not a blind expedition that elevates one group while suppressing the other.
There is one factor that seems to get overlooked a lot. By and large the men, are left with the task of trying to woo the ladies over, and literally face and up hill struggle for many. Somehow it is as though men are believed to “have thicker skin” and there for can “take it like a man”.It is all nothing but a FALSE MASK. It practically devastates their inner selves, and there is no channel for reprieve, because the ones with complaints are deemed “insecure/unsure/not worth the struggle”. The general preponderant bias towards the “alphas” or whatever, is creating some serious imbalances in society. That is the reason why some men get so many ladies, and most fight to get breathing space. In the long term though, ladies end up at a general disadvantage. The common man lacking the magic wand of Romeo will do his level best to get some lady, get married yadi yada, and its likely he will enjoy decades of relative stability. Many females, and especially those ones with these illusions of grandeur that verge on literally a “reductio ad absurdum” to common sensibilities, pay their price after a couple of decades…After being the objects of admiration and firmly in control of the fate of many men, they eventually undergo some changes that decisively shanghaies them out of that bucket of admiration, as a younger batch of women takes over, and a lot of “very decent men” who they marvelled at mocking in rejection, and who would otherwise have been excellent partners, are not there anymore, and have married down to earth ladies and they exist happily, while the lady tries to figure out what went wrong in her alpha hunt when they find themselves divorced at 48, and probably having been married severally, and lucky to get a single complement per month, when in the past she would shrug off the betters off at will; and actually yearns from compliments from those beta men, as the alphas are now working full time and around the clock running through as many of the younger ladies as they can. It is funny how women will say “you gotta have the perspective” or you won’t get me, but that perspective hands them often times people with superficial charm, and no strategic interest once he flies significantly past the 9 base. The smarter lady would probably open her mind up to more realistic targets as far as guys are concerned.
Small mental quiz for you. So apart from hard core convicted felons, which group of men, carries disproportionate number of psychopaths? You would find CEOs right at the top of that list. Their suppressed limbic systems are very formidable weapons in the predatory tendencies, that with high precision lead to the “very bottom line”…“Growth and Increased profitability”. Needless to mention, you will be hard pressed to find non-alpha males in this lot. Other interesting additions in that list are clergy(who would have known!), “law enforcement officers-expected- for you set a thief to catch a thief”, and there is simply no end to the list of law enforcers gone rogue particularly in narcotics ;Surgeons(both expected and unexpected)-expected because their works needs nerves of still working on very delicate procedures, and cold feet just won’t cut.
Enough rambling…dinner time!!

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RVR exit sends Egyptian firm into Sh16bn loss -

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16 billions loss is too much, they would have detected early and walk away

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