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Brainwashed idiot amepewa sweeps .

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Owuor is a false prophet leading his gullible flock straight into a pit. He does not speak for the true believer.

I have an acquaintance who is a member hio church and he tried to convince me to join. Ati Prophet husema Jesus comes down from heaven to sit at his feet and calls the prophet my lord. That’s when I knew bonoboism was real.


I have a friend who we went to same school in primary school na alikua jango tu. Nlipatana na kijana sai ako ndani ha kanisa ya huyu prophet vibaya sana

Simple- his doctrines are not grounded in Scripture.

Christians really need to read the Word for themselves because there’s widespread deception going on in the church. Owuor said that he went to heaven and anointed the seat of God. The act of anointing is the transfer of power from a higher being to a lower one. Which means he’s claiming to be more powerful than God!
I have reason to believe that Owuor is actually mentally ill from something called Jerusalem syndrome: a group of mental phenomena involving the presence of religiously-themed obsessive ideas, delusions, or other psychosis-like experiences that are triggered by a visit or stay in the city of Jerusalem. Many of his “prophecies” are centered around Israel and it’s no coincidence that Owuor spent a considerable amount of time there studying for his PhD, so he suffers more vivid hallucinations.

He has (falsely) “prophesied” upon himself saying that he’s the reincarnation of Moses and Elijah. He claims that at some point in future, he will be assassinated in Jerusalem and his literal body abandoned in the streets. Thereafter, like Jesus, resurrect and ascend into heaven.
Read for yourself.

Clearly, the man is not okay. My only concern is for his millions of followers who can’t see that they are in a dangerous cult led by a functioning schizophrenic. His “prophecies” are becoming more and more deranged with time. I hope they will not end up like Jim Jones’ followers.

Dont be concerned about his followers. Christ was very specific, that many false prophets will arise and will deceive many, if possible even God’s elect. The problem with many christians is that they dont read the Bible. They let their pastors or priests do the reading for them. If they read the Bible, so many pastors and priests would find themselves with no followers. That’s my view

I read that conman Owuor is himself a first born.
Own goal?

i do not have a problem with that church coz i know how satisfied the members are , they are truely happy and really feel like they belong huko … cults feel like heaven to it’s blinded members … gang members , prostitutes and addicts feel the same way too …

we should be worried when that church starts bombing non-members …

Maiti [SIZE=7]PUPPET OWUOR [/SIZE][SIZE=4]is a [/SIZE][SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]FRAUD.[/SIZE]