Genetically Gifted 6-8% body fat

I have been in the gym for quite some time,6 years or so and have achieved a lean physique.My body shape now resembles below .As with any interest/passion i want to go further as i am now plateauing.[ATTACH=full]129023[/ATTACH]
I would like to get a clean bulk :


For those who have been in fitness What supplement and protein combination can you use to get such a lean bulk?


Maharagwe na soy bean should do you fine . Avoid chemicals manufactured in a laboratory. In the long run they will destroy you.You will want more and more of results ending up using steroids. But it’s your prerogative. stick being lean[SIZE=1] (after all that’s what pinkys like)[/SIZE]

Hapa is the exception where we agree that a picture is not necessarily required.

I wanted to show you the body fat percentages through the pictures, thats the way you can roughly estimate your body fat percantage so that you see where i am and where i want to go. i also train without a shirt so i see no bluff here. I follow the training of both Marc Perry and Chadoy Leon.Any way waiting for inputs on supplements and protein shakes

Ati soy ? Avoid it like the plague unless you want man boobs !

Just diet , check out dickersonross on YouTube, morellifit.
There’s so many ways to bulk up without add supplements .
Lots of carbs in your diet.
You can go for OSN products .

Avoid soy kabisa. It encourages formation of oestrogen.

wow thats new. substanciate kiasi ama nipe source brother

im fine and i use that. now you are worrying me. nipe source wewe na @Grundy

Read the article in the link below from men’s health. It’s a bit lengthy but it quite informative.
I always imagined you as a fatherly chubby fella so it’s quite a surprise to hear that you are ripped…:D:D:D:D:D:D
“Moderate doses of the phyto-estrogen administered either in youth or adulthood significantly affected the quality of their erections. Among other changes, the daidzein-exposed males produced less testosterone, had softer erections, and experienced biochemical changes to their penile tissues that left these tissues less elastic and less capable of complete blood engorgement.”

No wonder:D:D:D

Wacha niisome. Sande. Chubby :D:D? Hapana. I used to very chubby early 2000s, so i had to cut down over 30kg and do lots of core exercises. Miaka nimekula kiasi.I changed after seeing my friends fall off the cliff one by one juu ya diabetes and other health related complications.

[ATTACH=full]129125[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]129125[/ATTACH] look for the mass gain version of this. Doesn’t come cheap though, about 8k upwards .

supplements utapata tumbo kwanza before uanze kubulk up… avoid em at all cost.

Me thinks you are just okay. Wengine tuko na one pack na hatusumbui na threshold pia tunafikisha

Infact I was thinking of calling you


I didn’t read this ,mijinga wewe :slight_smile:

Been drinking it for years and I don’t have anything close to man boobs but I hate tea, coffee and chocolate . Nitarudi kukunywa uji asubuhi basi