Genesis 1-15

Reading the above book,one sees that Cain went out to the world: “and the lord set a MARK on him lest anyone finding him should kill him”
Who were these people who might find him?
According to the Bible,only Adam and Eve and their children minus the murdered Abel of course were present on earth at that time.
So who were those people that Cain was scared of?
Does it mean that there were people on earth before the grand entrance of Adam and Eve?

The bible tells you to stop being too logical. Just believe.

These fellas lived for about one thousand years. A girl 15 to 16 yrs old was good to go. At an average of 6 kids per family, the population at 1000 yrs could easily be a million.

The Bible also tells you that EVE was the first woman to be made from ADAMS ribs but remember god created MAN and WOMAN according to his image.

I think the bible only mentions the “main characters”… what if Adam and Eve procreated kabisa but the only children that are mentioned are the three?? Theologists waje…

Adam and Eve were the first Arabs/Semites in a world full of other races. Stop reading the delusional Abrahamic book known as the Bible.

Add to the fact that their God is the devil …

cain is a spirit of death.
If you find cain, you have found a spirit with the urge to kill and you will kill Him" ( fellow man )

Boss,I also read the Holy Quran,The Talmud,The Kojiki and the Nihon-gi,The Tripitaka,The Mahayama Sutras and the Tibetan Book of the Dead among other religious books.

So we can conclude that you were hoping at least one religion will work. Your hard work was not in vain.

Not hoping that one will work. Note I said read. I am not looking for anything I can not see. I do not believe. Just want to understand them my friend. Curiosity if I may put it in a more pedestrian language…

Chapter two says he created them male and female.


There’s a lot that’s lost in context. But as a start, here questions to consider… Who wrote genesis? What was the purpose? And who was the intended audience? This analysis ahould be applied to all your readings in order to get a good basis of biblical interpretation. Otherwise you’ll end up making wrong inferences.

In this case, is genesis poetic? Is it literal? What were the cultural underpinnings at the time of its writing?

I’ve found this “ancient” book to be eternal. Therefore ancient isn’t an insult it’s an attribute :slight_smile:

Yes that same mark got him killed. Remember, he was promised that whoever kills him will be avenged sevenfold. And it came to pass, a young boy, Tubal Cain who was a skilled weapon cutter together his blind father were out hunting. They struck Cain who they mistook Cain for a wild animal. Lemech was a descendant of Cain in the SEVENTH generation. Read more Gen 4:21-25

You’re right, the bible is patriachal in nature. Eve bore daughters who made wives for Seth and Cain.

Then Cain trembled and became terrified; and through this sign did God make him an example before all the creation, as the murderer of his brother. Also did God bring trembling and terror upon him, that he might see the peace in which he was at first, and see also the trembling and terror he endured at the last; so that he might humble himself before God, and repent of his sin, and seek the peace he enjoyed at first.

Where can I get this books? I’ve read the Book of Mormon and the Bhagavad Gita

Which books to be precise? Anyway, most religious books can be found at